Friday, August 20, 2010

Worship in the Park

Boy oh boy do I have a story for you all!

Tuesday I walked the kids up to College Park to play. Paul wanted to practice his baseball skills and Anna wanted to swing. When we arrived we noticed a little boy and his grandmother playing near the toddler play set. All three of the kids started playing together nicely so the grandmother and I started to chit chat! I love those little chit chats at the park! This one turned out to be GOD SENT!!

The Grandmother, Mrs Susan, turned out to be a denominational worker who's job is to go into small churches as a children's ministry consultant. I mentioned that our small church was looking to incorporate a children's worship and that we were interested in a program called Godly Play. She new exactly what I was talking about because that is what she does! Then we discussed the cost of Godly Play, the amount of space it requires and the difficulties that a small church would face in trying to start up such a large program. Then she explained a program that she had formed out of the Godly Play curriculum in order to allow smaller churches to begin the process of a children's worship without all of the material that Godly Play requires. It costs a LOT of money and requires a LOT of time to start up Godly Play.

We agreed to meet back at the park this morning, Friday, at 9:30am to discuss the curriculum more in depth. So, I convinced Roger, my minister, to join me.

When we arrived Mrs.Susan set up the children's worship spot right there at the park beside the basketball court. Then we all sat around and had a worship service in the park. It was wonderful!!! She made copies of all the material for us and wrote down all the book titles that she used and recommends to use. Paul, Anna and Caleb thoroughly enjoyed having worship in the park! Roger and I enjoyed learning!

That's God for ya!

Roger and I have both been praying about what to do in regards to the children's service and here is this woman playing with her grandson in the park!

It was one of those moments where you don't have to ask yourself whether or not it was from God. It is pretty obvious God put all of us there at that specific park, at that specific time, to have Mrs. Susan bring the answer to our prayers.

here are pictures of the worship service in the park!

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