Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maria Augusta Trapp

I just finished reading an autobiography written by Maria Augusta Trapp! It is the true story, in her own words, that inspired the Disney movie, The Sound of Music.

It was beautiful! The movie only really depicts the first few chapters of the book. And of course, in true Disney style, the deep religious aspect was taken out. Their story is AMAZINGLY INSPIRATIONAL. I cried. I giggled. I ran around reading quotes to anyone who would listen.

Reading this autobiography was transformational. First of all, Maria is a wonderful writer. She is reflective to the point that you feel as if you are having a cup of tea with her in the kitchen and she is telling you her life story. She is hilarious. She always manages to find the humor in the most horrible of situations. She is deeply spiritual. Any where she lived she had a priest with her and a chapel built. The whole family prayed the hours together, celebrated feast days and fasted together. Every thing that happened in her life she compared to a biblical story that she drew upon for inspiration.

I read this book as if I were reading a spiritual devotion. It is that eye opening.

very rarely do I get my hands on a book that makes me feel as if I am sipping water while I read it. It was so refreshing!!

So, I would advise anyone reading this to check it out OR BUY IT!!!

I plan on one day visiting the location in Austria and Vermont. That would be incredible!!! who wants to take me?!?!?!

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