Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday reflections

Today was pretty great.

Getting up before the sun in order to drive all the way to church is getting kinda old but the good news is that the house we are buying is looking AWESOME! A guy in the church is remodeling a 1952 cape cod. He has completely gutted it. The past couple of weeks he has torn down most of the inside walls and re worked the floor plan, put in all new plumbing, a new furnace, new duct work and today we were informed that he has put the walls up. YAY WE HAVE WALLS!!! I'm going to go this week to look at paint samples! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Service this morning was beautiful! We had a missionary couple from Morocco speak. Need I say more!

This afternoon the kids and I crashed at a church members house while Roger visited with shut ins. We attempted to nap.....didn't work......and we attempted to explore the town......didn't work. During the nap the kids were too excited to sleep and during the exploring I kept getting lost "31w.....31w.....31w.......AAAAAAHHHH I CAN'T GET OFF 31W! DIXIE WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT AAAAAAHH"

I managed to finally find the Barnes and Noble book store so that I could get a Latte. However, the kids do not understand what it means to run in, grab something and run back out. WE had to check out the train in the back, then the books, then they had to pee, then they needed to check out the water fountain, then they didn't want to leave.

Finally got them out the door...."Ok, ummmmm how do I get back to church? ummmmmmm"

I was late for the fellowship meal and business meeting but I think I have figured out the 31W situation!

As I was walking in Paul dropped the latte that I worked so hard to get. I wanted to lick it off of the pavement but I thought that would be a bad idea. So, I just drank the small amount that was left in the cup and prayed it would keep me awake for the drive home.

The business meeting was hilarious. There was a lot of stuff that was accomplished but there was a lot of laughter and happy faces!!! Listening to the minutes was the funniest part!! I love that the church is full of laughter!!!

After the business meeting Roger and I took the kids for a walk around the old part of town. We walked and talked and walked and talk until it was too dark to really see our way back to the car. Then we headed back to the town we are currently in....about an hour and 1/2 away.

It was a great day even though I am exhausted and my head is pounding.

I can't wait to get to know other people in town. Join a MOPS group. Get Paul in preschool. Maybe start a stroller fit class. Makes me smile to think about it!

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