Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mother-Daughter Day

Anna Cathrine and I have had a wonderful morning!

Last night we both decided that today would be a mother/daughter day. So, this morning we sent the boys off to church in Etwon and we stayed home to sip tea, chit chat, clean the house, do the laundry and sort through all of the lovely little ladies clothes.

For those of you who have not met Anna in person, she LOVES to chit chat. The child talks nonstop about everything. She doesn't just talk to herself. She wants you to listen carefully and respond appropriately. It is kinda exhausting sometimes and hilarious the other times.

First thing this morning she told me she wanted to be a preacher. Then she preached to me while she stood in the pray stance and I had to say "AMEN" when she was finished. When she got finished with her sermon she decided she wanted her hair "fixed all pretty!" I put it up in pig tails!

Around 10am while we were dancing around the house putting the laundry away, listening to Switchfoot, she explained to me that she needed a nipple holder. I asked "what?" Then she went on to explain that a bra is a nipple holder and that she needs one for her nipples. she held out her chest, pulled her shirt up and said in a sing-song "here are my nipples!"

Between 11 and 11:30am we sorted through her clothes. Beth had given us Jill's old clothes and we were finally getting around to looking through them. Anna kept grabbing shirts/pants/dresses and declaring her love for them, "oh this is bootyful. I wuv it. It is my favowit shirt ever. It is so cowl!" Then we had a fashion show!

For lunch we both enjoyed some left over Moroccan Stew. She grabbed every little piece and declared "WHAT IS THIS?" before she would but it in her mouth.

This afternoon, while playing baby dolls on the front porch she ran up to me and said "look, look, LOOK this baby has no penis! It only has a butt, a butt, A HUGE BUTT!"

Now she is currently running around the house singing songs she has made up.

I have no clue how she has so much energy. She constantly goes and goes and goes. If she is awake she is running through a room somewhere, talking about something.

No wonder why she sleeps so well during nap time and bed time. The child wears herself out.

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