Saturday, February 21, 2009


We went on an adventure to find a letter box ( today and we found one!!! It was the most family fun we have had in a while.

How the day went:
7:30a - woken up by Paul and Anna talking in the other room. She was crying and he had gotten up to check on her.

8:30a - we all went downstairs and ate oatmeal with some delicious eggs that my husband made for us. We searched online for letterbox clues while eating breakfast

9:30a - I headed over to the gym to get a few miles in while the kids had bonding time with Daddy.

10:30 - we left the house in search of a rubber stamp and stamp book. We choose a beautiful cross and a plan black scetch book

11:30a - we headed over to the Chick- Fil-A to get some grub and play FOREVER in the indoor play thing. Paul had a blast

Then we headed off in search for the letterbox. Paul said we were on a treasure hunt and got REALLY SUPER excited. On the way there I kept thinking "man, I hope we find something. hat if we don't find anything. This is completely nutts. Is this for real? Seriously? Do people really do this?"

To make a long story short....we found the box!!! You should have seen Roger's face. He was so excited. We did the "giddy" dance. Then we ran back to the car and opened up the box. The stamp inside was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was hand carved to look like the castle. Paul yelled out "we found the treasure box." It was such a fun little family adventure. I am so excited about having this book of stamps to record all the places that we have been together as a family. What an awesome thing to have. When Roger and I die the kids will have this book of memories!! Memories of the little adventures that they went on with their parents. And plus, when they come back to visit for the holidays I'll say "hey, you remember when you were little and how we used to letterbox?? Let's go do that again. What do ya think??"

this is all so exciting. Thank you Megan for telling me about this. I am so incredibly excited. I suggested everyone check out

here is a link to the pics of us letterboxing

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Lord......HELP

This morning was completely WILD. Paul refused to put his underwear on and we are refusing to let him wear diapers. So, the child sat in time out for 4 sessions of 3 minutes, with only a shirt on. Being a boy, he played with himself the whole time and made me sick and Roger say "ohhh son, you're going to hurt your self."

I finally gave up the time out thing (I know I'm a bad mom), threw some underwear on him while he was kicking and screaming and forced him to get into the car. He had school today and we were already 20 minutes late. When we got to his school he refused to get out of the car. Once that was settled (sort of) and I had him in the building he decided to grab onto the railing of the stairs and would not let go, "I don't like this school. I want my diaper." I told him he could stay there hugging on the railing all day but that Anna and I were going to his class room. He immediately took off running after me. I LOVE that. So, I kept on running to his classroom so he would follow. You can imagine the sight. Me holding Anna and Paul's backpack while running through the halls of the school with a 3 year old chasing me screaming "Mamma stop. No Mamma." YOu do what ya gotta do.

Anyway, it was nutts. My hair was all over the place. I hadn't taken a shower and watch out, but I hadn't even gotten a chance to brush my teeth. Oh, the joys of motherhood. By the way, Anna has now taken to laughing every time Paul cries. So, while I was running down the hall of the school being chased by my screaming son, my daughter was laughing hysterically. I'm beginning to think she likes her brother to suffer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bored?? What??

My life is always so hectic most of the time that whenever things are a little slow I feel bored. Right now Paul and Anna are both taking a nap. I know, WOW right!! I'm freakin' amazing. I love the nap time ritual that I have with Paul. We sit in my bed eating snacks while I read him stories for about an hour. Then we lay in my bed cuddling together until he falls asleep. Then I sneak down stairs to have alone time. While I am walking down the stairs I get so excited about BEING ALONE but then as soon as I get cuddled up on the couch I start missing my sweet little family.

First I start missing my husband and wishing he could sneak home from work and cuddle up on the couch with me. Then I start missing Anna's sweet little giggle. Then I start missing watching Paul jump around the living room and the crazy questions that he always seems to ask me when I am in the middle of something "Mamma, who glued my tongue in my mouth?? I want my tongue to come out. How do I get my tongue unglued?? it's so squishy!! I want to hold it in my hand and squish it. TAKE MY TONGUE OUT"

Anyway, I guess I need to get off of here and TRY my best to enjoy my alone time so that when the kiddos get up and the husband walks in from work I will be rested and excited to see every one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Blessed

I can't help but feel so blessed!!! Yesterday was my first day back to school in two years. It felt GREAT but it left me wanting MORE. I'm only taking one class from 6 to 8pm on Mondays. I know I would NEVER be able to handle it, but after the class was over I had the automatic urge to walk into another class. I just had that immediate thought of "Man, I would love to be in class all day everyday." I guess you could say Im a bit anxious. Being able to sit and listen to someone speak about something of interest to me and not worry about wrangling the kids was so incredibly refreshing. I loved it and I am excited about all of this homework that I get the opportunity to do. WOW!!!

The kids have been amazing the past week. Anna is smiling ALL OF THE TIME and she LOVES to give me hugs. This morning she started crying at 7am but when she saw our faces she started giggling and smiling. So, I laid in the bed with her for a whole hour just giggling and talking. Who wouldn't want to spend every morning curled up in the bed with a happy baby?? It's moments like this morning that makes all the throw ups, dirty diapers and screaming tollerable.

Paul is my little buddy!!! yesterday we put backpacks on and ran around the house pretending that we were going on a hike. The stairs were the montains. Then we made a pretend fire by stacking up the books and we laid the sleeping bag out and told stories. I love watching him play in his little make believe world!! It makes me feel like a little kid again. :)