Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vacation day 2

Today we spent all morning at the pool.  At noon the men folk came out and asked us to come in. They had made us all lunch!!  How sweet!

After lunch we packed up our things, got on our bikes and rode the mile to the beach. It was such a beautiful ride through the trees! So flat and so peaceful.

At the beach alex and the kids enjoyed making sand castles. Roger and I bought a cheap kite at the store and had a great time TRYING to flying it.  Mary, Paul and I took a very long bike ride down the shore. I felt like I was in a movie. It was so great. I even rode the bike with paul into the waves!!  Paul screamed with laughter as the water crashed into the tire and then onto our legs. We found a shallow spot in the ocean and walked out on this island thing. It was so awesome to be WAY out in the ocean surrounded by water, on this little island. While there we saw a MASSIVE jellyfish, a beautiful starfish (which I picked up and let Paul hold) and tons of these MASSIVE looking crabs.  

When we got back to the house Mary made us a lovely chicken dinner!  mmmmm

I went to the local mall on the island and got the twilight book.  After the yummy chicken and a nice hot shower to wash MOST of the sand that I picked up from the beach off my sticky sun lotiony body, I jumped in my jammies and curled up on the couch.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vacationing with friends Day 1

I am at the beach!!!  I NEVER thought the day would come when Roger and I would be able to go back to our honeymoon spot but NEVER underestimate God.  He is TRULY good!

We had a MARVELOUS and RELAXING day!  Early this morning we took a lovely walk down to the beach. It was Paul's first time seeing the ocean. He was speechless and I had tears in my I eyes I was so happy for him. "you know who gave you this wonderful gift called the ocean?  God gave it to you baby. Isn't God so good!" The child thought he was in heaven. He ran and jumped and played. It was wonderful. Roger and I had one of those "5 years ago we were honeymooning on this very beach and now here we are with our Paul boy," moments. It was truly fantastic.

When we got back from the beach we played the "jump in the heated pool, then the cold pool and then the hot tub," game while the kids played in the kiddy sprinkler/pool thing. It was so nice to be with friends talking while the kids played until their hearts content. 

Around 5pm a BIG storm came, which was also very nice. I sat outside alone on the back patio and watched the weather change. The day became darker and darker and then the flood gates opened. We all got cozy inside the HUGE time share, some of us watching tv, some talking, some trying to read and some napping (or trying to). 

We just recently got finished eating the lovely spaghetti dinner that the men folk (Roger and Alex) made and the delicious raspberry pie one of the kids made. It was nice to sit down to a home cooked meal with friends after a day at the beach!!!  

It's still raining AND THUNDERING LOUD.  But the kids are asleep and we are sitting outside on the patio, talking and watching the rain. 

I can't believe this is just the first day. We have 5 more days left!!!  This is so refreshing!

Tomorrow the ladies are going to yoga before the beach. yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the mountain top and it is ooooooh so nice!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Funny Moment

As Roger and I were walking the kids back from the library we heard someone yelling. Then we noticed that the boy way down the road was yelling at the little boy riding by on his bike.  He was yelling "Hey, you got any dip?"  The little boy replied "yeah, back at the house."  "Well, bring me some."  "ok"   

Roger and I just stood there with one of those "umm what the HELL" expressions on our face. At which point our neighbor walked by caring some fast food into his family (he has a little girl close to anna's age and a little boy about 5) smiled and said in a joking/mocking way "of course he has dip. he's almost 6!"  We all just stood there for a second laughing at the situation.

Then Roger yelled out "oh man the diversity that surrounds us. YES!!"  One night we are talking to a sad, drunk rich women and the next to a child that carries dip.  this town is nutts and we live right in the heart of it.  

I totally need to write a book.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Front Porch Sittin'

Wow!!!  It has been an interesting couple of days.  Fun and exciting, but interesting.

Roger was off of work and it was raining so we decided to take the kids SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE to get them out of the house. So, we decided to eat dinner at Chick- Fil-A and then proceed to the toy section of target. Some, cheap good fun (without the herpes).  
Paul had an amazing time playing in the AWESOMELY CLEAN indoor playground and Ann found it gratifying to chew the heck out of her bib. Then at Target Roger took Paul to the toy section. He loves looking at the toys and telling us what to buy when. Of course being poor we ONLY LOOK and NEVER BUY.  Ok, sometimes we buy. :)  And I must confess we bought a DVD of Fraggle Rock because we were like "WOw, I loved this show when I was little. Should we fraggle rock it tonight with some popcorn?? (imagine Roger doing some dance moves) ummm YES!!!  They Rock my world!"   
While Paul was with Roger in the toy section Anna and I went on the hunt for a new bathing suit for MAMMA!!  I found a nice top but didn't have the heart to buy the bottoms that went with it.  Let me explain, The top and bottom together would have been over $40 and I am not about to spend $40 on a bathing suit.  So, I got the adorable top and thought "umm, I'll just get some black bottoms at Kmart or something.  I don't feel comfortable buying a bathing suit for so much when there are people across the street from me that don't have enough money to fix the window that was broken last week.  So, they put a board up and pray it doesn't rain into their house. 

Roger and I had some serious "How in the world are we both suppose to study" moments.  So, we loaded up the kids and our seminary reading material and headed back to Chick-Fil-A.  BRILLIANT.  We were able to sit in peace for about an hour and half sipping coffee and reading. It was so nice.  Roger surprised me with a brownie covered with ice cream.  I tried my best to hide it from paul when we he came running out of the play area but it was inevitable, he ate the rest of it." CHILD you give me back my ICE CREAM"  For some reason I got some strange looks.

Ok, I skipped a few days. But listen today was amazing.  So, I have to write about it. This morning the first thing Paul wanted to do after breakfast was work in the garden. That child has stolen my heart. He loves volleyball, long walks, reading and GARDENING!!  WOW!!  So, we spent the majority of the day digging weeds and  moving rocks. Roger came home for lunch and sat with us outside while we rested.  As soon as he went back to work paul said "come on mom, lets plant."  That child is crazy. We don't have gardening tools YET so we used giant spoons.  We probably looked ridicules out there with out giant spoons but it was rather fun.
Later in the day after his "nap" we got his little 4 wheeler out so he could ride with the little girl next door.  Sadly her barbie car ran out of battery life and paul was forced to ride solo.  As I was getting ready to make Paul give the 4 wheeler a rest I noticed a SEXY man walking down the street.  He had some nice looking slacks on, a stripped button up, a backpack and he looked like he was walking home from work.  I was like "wow, HELLO"  So, I made Paul drive his 4 wheeler down the side walk and great this sexiness. Turns out, I'm married to the man.  Paul greeted Roger on the side walk by driving his 4 wheeler down to meet him.  
Picturesk??  I know, and it gets even better.  As we were walking in the house our next door neighbor brings out his banjo and starts playing on his front porch. WOW!!!  I'm excited about those long summer nights. We'll have to invite some friends over that play instruments and we can have a ho down.  YES!!!  SWEET!!!
As soon as Roger got home we packed up and went to the little beach down by the park. Paul built some "castles" and ran barefoot in the sand FOREVER!  It gave Roger and I time at the end of our day to talk. It was nice.
When we got back home Roger made dinner while I bathed Paul and put some laundry away. After dinner we sat on the front porch enjoying the setting sun.  Then one of our neighbors walked by with her party poodle (no kidding that is the breed of dog).  She introduced herself and even walked us down to her house so we would know where she lives. Then she just kept talking about all of her STUFF.  She owns 4 historic homes, her and her husband drive convertibles, she works all the time...blahh, blahh.  Then she sad she was lonely and didn't know many people here. Then she kept telling me to stop by anytime. She was pretty much begging me to stop by and talk to her. I felt horrible. It was eye opening. I have met and worked with people who have nothing (stuff wise) and are so happy. They find happiness in the little things. This women had what some might see a great life. Beautiful house (houses), kick ass cars, awesome job, but no friends and no real life. 
Roger and I moved down town in order to minister. but I must admit I thought that I would be ministering on the other side of the street.  Not, the historic district with their riches and workaholics.  Funny, God! To top it all off she said she had a horrible day because on her way to work her convertible broke down.  I think she was even a little drunk. I could smell it all over her and she was OVERLY nice and kept saying the same things over and over again. All I could think about was how that is not that bad of a day. There are people in worse shape then that. There are people in this town that don't even have money for a car and are forced to work somewhere within walking distance. Or, even worse, there are people that have cars that barely run and when they break down they have no money to get them toed or fixed. So, pray for this women. Our neighbor.  And I am going to go see her tomorrow. She seems like someone who just needs someone to listen to her.  And I feel God has placed me her to do that. 

see ya.  or not

Saturday, March 14, 2009

juggling is not just for clowns

Weekends are a little nuts at our house. We get excited if we get to sleep until 8am.  The kids are usually up and down all night long and then bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am. I feel like I have went a life time with no sleep. Even worse, since I am a stay at home mom I feel like I get no weekends. Weekends are just the two days I have an assistant (Roger).   

After tag teaming the kids all morning (Roger, anna needs a diaper change.  Jess, paul is screaming about something in the bathroom. Roger, Anna has something in her mouth. Roger, paul is throwing balls down the stairs.) Roger and I decided to head out to chick-fill-a. It ended up being the BEST idea we have EVER had. We sat right by the entrance to the play thing so we could catch Paul if/when he tried to escape. We got some coffee, brownie ice cream, and began studying for our seminary classes.  It was great!  Paul played like a wild man chasing kids around, laughing and growling like a monster while Roger and I got some home work done. It was so nice to sit alone sipping coffee, reading our seminary books and occasionally giving each other goggly eyes.  Anna just sat in her high chair eating some weird baby chewing thing. We had an excellent time.  The whole time I was thinking "Ummm this both going to seminary at the same time IS GOING TO WORK OUT!!!"  Plus, it's AWESOME when you are studying the same things as your spouse, it gives you someone to talk things over with while you are studying. I must say we have been have GREAT in depth theological conversations lately!!  

Also, I just realized today that we are both getting the same degree. I then responded by saying "maybe I'll be the preacher in the family!!  You can be my assistant." 

When we got home we made a quick DELICIOUS dinner, played with the kids a bit and then tag teamed them to bed.  "I'll put Anna to sleep while you put Paul to sleep and I'll meet you down stairs with Popcorn and a movie in 15 min.  Ready go!!"  We ended up having a great movie night!

When the movie was over I hopped in the bath for a long warm soak. It was a FABULOUS end to a relaxing and productive weekend. 

Now, all I can think about is SPRING BREAK and Hilton Head Island with Christa and Alex!!  I'm so excited about well, the beach and catching up with some dear friends that we haven't seen in FOREVER!!  A whole week on the beach with my dear family and friends!  I'm so excited! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little color in my day

I've been in a bad mood the past couple of days. off and on. Well, to be honest I am in a good mood until Roger gets home and then for some reason I am in a bad mood. I'm pretty tired and I usually hold in all my frustration with the world until he comes home, then let it all out. BAD MOVE. 

Anyway, today I was a little well, rotten. He left for work and I threw myself on the couch to read for class (Glenn Hinson's "Spiritual Preparation for Christian Leadership"). About an hour later I got a text message that read "you need some color in your day-- check the front porch") I opened the front door and there set an assortment of flowers!!! how sweet. He got me some flowers that I can plant in the little garden out back. Now, if only I had a green thumb. :
I'm cooking him some t-bone stakes for dinner.  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day at the Monastery with E. Glenn Hinson

I seriously have had the best day of my life!!! Ok, not the best day of my life but the best day I have had in a long time!!! That's more like it.

This morning we got up early after a night out with some great friends (Jarrod and Alex) and headed to the seminary to hop on a charter bus headed to the monastery. A group of about 40 people, including me, roger, jarrod and alex where going to the monastery with E. Glenn Hinson to celebrate his academic achievements. We had a wonderful time!! It was such a beautiful day to be walking about the monastery with such important people in Baptist History. I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to do such a thing. I tried my best to soak up everything that was said.

After listening to the monk (Bro, Paul) who had studied under Thomas Merton, speak about his time at the monestery and his time with Merton and Hinson, we all took a walk to the statues. It was just one of those sereal "oh my gosh am I really here?" moments. Then we walked back to the chapel and prayed the sext hour with the monks (AWESOME). I know, but it gets even better. Then we were taken to the guest house and served a lunch of mash potatoes, chicken, gravy, beans, and chocolate cake. So, here we are all gathered around a table with Dr. Hinson, two monks that studied under Thomas Merton (Bro. Paul and Father James) eating delicious food and listening and soaking up all the stories that everyone is telling. It was amazing. I am still in shock. In utter shock.

When Roger and I got back home we made our way over to Lowes (who knows why) and bought some chairs to go on our back porch. While we were setting up the chairs I noticed a little garden snake wrapped around the deck. I was shocked but not to shocked. It looked kinda cute. After much deliberation (yeah right) we decided it best to kill it. I didn't want Paul or anna getting bit or the snake somehow making its way into the house.

We then decided to walk downtown to the local coffee shop and get some of Mr. Roger's (yes, that's the man's name. I'm not making this up) yummy pulled pork. On the way we decided it was too beautiful to eat inside so we got the food to go. We took it to the local museum and ate outside on their patio furniture (what, no one was there people, it was saturday). It was so relaxing.

On the walk back home we decided to stop by Sarah's house and see how she was doing. We were in for a treat and didn't know it. First of all, their house is STUNNING!!! I mean FOR REAL!!! AMAZING!! BREATH TAKING!!! Second, they LOVE art and collect it. We found out that they used to collect Russian orthodox icons and actually had a grand exhibit at a local university. Anyway...AWESOME. Each piece in their house has a WONDERFUL story behind it and we were lucky enough to hear several stories. Apparently both Sarah and her Father love to paint as well. One day they filled up balloons full of paint, she climbed up on the roof and her dad held a canvas in the yard as she threw the balloons down. Another time her Father was painting outside on this massive canvas and all of a sudden it started to pour the rain. he thought "oh well, I guess that painting is ruined :( ) Then the sun came out, dried the canvas and the wet smeared paint and he was left with a beautiful piece of art. It is stunning. It is as if God helped him paint. such a great story.

After looking at all of this amazing art we were taken up into the attic. It was just like one of those movie attics!!! There where random lights everywhere, random AWESOME toys everywhere and best of all there was a swing set that sarah's dad had built for her and her sister. It was connected to one of the rafters. My breath was taken away. What a wonderful world they have created for themselves. They have such a beautiful house and an even more amazing home. I feel so blessed to have this family in my life. They are truly unique and such an inspiration to me!

As Roger and I walked back to our new (old) home downtown we couldn't help but giggle and smile. We are so excited about the relationships that we have built and are building in our new little town. It's funny the places that God leads you when you decided to put on that blind fold, reach out your hand and say "lead me Lord. I trust you!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh happy day

Today has been such a beautiful day!! I was so happy about the sunshine and 63 degree weather. I sure needed it. Being locked up in the house with two kids gets kinda old after a while.

After I picked up Paul from school this afternoon I took both the kids over to the church park. The church where Roger is youth minister has a pretty nice little fenced in park off to the side. Roger took his lunch break and came out side and played with me and the kids for about an hour. It was nice being able to have an hour together to play outside in the sunshine!!!!

After the church park Paul decided he wanted to visit to local down town park so I thought "well, it is a beautiful day." So, we went!!! Guess who was there?? The MASSIVE family that I talked about in a previous blog. You know the ones that the Dad had running around doing army drills and timed them. yeah, that family. Guess what they were doing? you guessed it. They were on the side of the hill doing push ups with the dad. The littlest one came running up to me, grabbed Anna;s face (she was in the stroller) and started kissing her and saying "oh, hi baby." It WAS sweet but I had to explain that we can't be to aweful rough with little babies. Then the oldest kid (I think he MIGHT be a freshman in high school but he also might still be in middle school) came up and explained that the littlest one just loves babies and that they have a one week old at home. I was SHOCKED!!! my mouth flung open. I said "so, how many does that make??" He responded with "9". NINE KIDS!!! OMG. They are such a sweet MASSIVE family. But man, as a mother of just two I can't even imagine. I don't want to imagine. Man, my vagina hurts even thinking about 9 people coming out of it. But those kind of numbers were normal back then. I mean some people had 25 kids. But geese. I don't disagree with having that many kids, but I just can't help but think "How are you going to pay for college??" To be honest I would LOVE to have a MASSIVE family.....if I had the money and my heart was healthy.

Anyway, it was nice to see the massive family again!!!! The Dad's a little strange but the kids all seem VERY intelligent and they are not lacking in social skills (sorry psychologist part of me). I wonder if they are home schooled?? I wonder if the Dad is a stay at home dad? It seems like he is the one that stays home but maybe he just takes them to the park to let the mother have a break. Ohhh, that's so sweet.

Alright, back to the story. So, Roger has class from 6 to 9pm EVERY thursday night. SUCKS. He gets home from work, I run to the gym FAST and then he leaves as soon as I get back. Before I picked Paul up from school I went to the library and got the new Charlottes Web movie. Paul and I have started having date night on thrusdays. We watch a movie and eat popcorn until bed. It gives me something other than "roger is gone ALL DAY and NIGHT LONG" to look forward to!!!

Speaking of. How in the world have we gotten so busy lately. When did that happen?? I guess we are back to the whole tag team we're both going to school thing. It kinda sucks but the times that we are together are even sweeter.

I shall go check on the kids and see if naptime/mama sits outside and blogs time is over!!