Monday, October 19, 2009

I think I am sick

I am sitting in my mother's house, on her sofa, with the windows open, the sun kissing my cheeks, wrapped in a blanket, sipping coffee from a big white mug and reading to my hearts content. Yes, ladies and gentle men, I have, what I think is the flu or maybe I am suffering from what many mothers suffer from, exhaustion. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Who wouldn't?

Which brings me to why I feel inspired to write this blog. I am currently reading Belong to Me written by Marisa de los Santos. The book is so good I could cry. I smile. I laugh. I bite my nails. At times I even want to slap a character or hug a character. It is a book that draws the reader in and makes them become emotionally involved in the lives of the characters. The character development is incredible. I am at the end of the book (sadness) and everything is falling into place in such a lovely way. I keep yelling things out like "oh man. come on Dev," or "I could just jump in there and give you a big bear hug little clare," or "holy shit this writer is amazing." Then I look around to make sure no one heard me yelling at the book, relieved to find myself in my parents 'empty house.

Speaking of empty house. I LOVE IT!!! Both of my brothers have moved out and although I am sad that my mother and father are going through the first stages of the empty nest "what to do with my life now" I am having a blast in a brother-free house. To be honest my brothers are slobs (what brothers aren't) so the house is clean, smells like yummy pie and is oh so quite. It is amazing. Also, I have a confession, I have been sleeping in my little brothers room. John's bed is just so darn comfy. I mean, I jump in that thing and waller around like a pig in mud. I feel the urge to holler out "John, I'm in your bed. come try and stop me," then I laugh an evil laugh and continue to waller. Every part of this house is so peaceful. Down stairs is like HEAVEN. The buck stove is burning some logs, the yellow walls call out "peace be with you," the furniture gives me a lovely welcoming grin "oh jess, I have missed you. pop a squat and let's chat." I have free roam of this house. I feel like I am an only child again. Maybe I'll just move in!!! Free child care. Free dinner. 5 achers of yard. PEACE and QUITE!! Holy crap that sounds AWESOME.

Ok, I am clearly enjoying this being sick way to much at the moment.

Now, for the explanation of why I am actually here instead of at home being sick. My husband sent me away. He has been so behind in his school work because of me :( He works over 40 hours, helps with the kids, the house and goes to school full-time. So, when my parent's offered to pick me and the kids up he jumped all over that "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SO I CAN STUDY FOR MY MIDTERM." Although at the time I felt rejected, I am really loving this predicament that I am in. Study away husband of mine I am living the good life.

well, off to enjoy the rest of the day. when I am finished with this coffee I think I might enjoy a glass of wine. sssssshhh I found some in the fridge. that will totally help with the flu. RIGHT??

Monday, October 12, 2009

unethical culture

I can not get this video out of my mind. Such a powerful song. Such a powerful video. Just think of the small things. The fact that most of our clothes are made in sweat shops. So? What can I do? Buy clothes only made ethically in the united states or buy only second hand clothes. Lets even think about our food. How ethical is our food? Did you know that that hershey puts child slaves to work? Yeah.  Buying hershey's chocolate is supporting slavery.

America, it is inescapable, we are saturated in an unethical life style of unethical products. How does this not blow your mind? How can you stand to walk into a super center and not feel dirty. Even christian book stores are saturated. Look at those little crosses made in china. CHINA?? REALLY??? The same china that imprisons and tortures Christians. You say you don't support communism but you're buying their products. Last I checked buying something from someone is supporting them.

In short what I am saying is there are a lot of unethical practices going on. BUY LOCAL. Support your LOCAL farmer. support your LOCAL clothing store. You don't believe in slavery, sweat shops, Communism? Then STOP SUPPORTING IT! This is a massive life style change that doesn't just happen over night. But let's start now! America, the GREAT nation?? Whatever.  When you think about how we are USING and EXPLOITING other countries to live these lives of LUXARY doesn't that make you sick?  Makes me sick.  Let's do something about it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

our version of a marriage restreat

I have had a beyond amazing weekend!  It all started on thursday afternoon. Roger showed up after work with a present for me. It included bubble bath, english chocolate, and a bottle of wine. I made the mistake of opening the present in front of the children so I had to share my chocolate. But it was one of those mommy moments that we all got to sit in the bed eating yummy chocolate. 

Late Roger made dinner, cleaned up after dinner and packed the kids up to go to their nanna's house for the weekend.  Nanna's house is a little over an hour away so I was left alone thursday afternoon to enjoy a quite house.  It was AMAZING!!!  I didn't know what to  do with myself.  


As soon as my little family was out the door I ran upstairs and got ready to go for a walk across the hay field.  I was so excited to be alone that I felt like I was flying!

I'm not really sure who exactly owns the hay field but it is open to the public to walk on. They even have a 0.9 mile trail marked out. I usually walk 2 miles twice a week but because I was so excited I went ahead and walked 3.

Often times I find myself sitting here on this bench in the early mornings thinking about life!  It is a beautiful place to watch the sun rise and fall.
I was hoping to get a better picture of the beautiful red clouds but by the time I ran back to the car, grabbed the camera, and ran back to this spot, the sky had already shifted. But believe me. It was stunning. Somewhat enchanting!
Once I got back home I felt so sticky and sweaty that I really needed to shower.  Then I remembered the bubble bath and wine that Roger had given me to enjoy. I did a little hop and skip to the bathroom and did what any mother who finds herself in an quite, empty house does. I took a bubble bath!

As most of you know I am an avid reader! I always have to have at least 3 books that I am reading. I can not live without a good book. However, with two loud and energetic children it is hard to get in reading time that doesn't immediately pertain to class. After the bath I grabbed my book (Sea Glass by Anita Shreve), threw on some warm, comfy clothes and snuggled up in my bed.  I sat there until Roger came home.  2 and a half hours!!  I ended up finishing the book!
On Friday morning I got up early, went to the church and exercised with the little old ladies. It was rather commical but I did enjoy the stretching part of it. I must say that I never thought flexing your fingers in and out was an exercise. But I guess when you have really bad arthritis it is. We also got to learn a line dance together, canes and all.  I love little Alice to death and did benefit from the relaxation of stretching. I also rather enjoyed her whistle. When the talking got out of hand, which tends to happen with ladies of any age, she blew a big yellow whistle. I couldn't hold in my laugh. She gave me a look and then an inside chuckle. I also enjoyed the conversation  of "Honey, you are so flexible."  "Well, ladies, she IS 50 years younger than us."  "oh, yeah that's right." "But look at how she bends her ankles and knees."  "Now don't try that ladies. You know Betty you need to get those knees replaced. It's done wonders for me."  I just pray that I am that jubilant at their age and have that many ladies to hang out with.

After spending the morning with the ladies while the pastor and my husband drank coffee together and laughed at me. Roger and I headed to a local deli that is frequented by young and old alike in this small town. It is a local Wendell Berry type of hang out. I can just imagine all the characters sitting around the table gossiping about the town. It is easy to imagine because that is what actually takes place here. There is one big long table in the front that everybody shares when they get their food or coffee.  Older men come in the morning and stay until the afternoon. Young kids come in after school to enjoy their free cookies and a soda.  It is a place you go to catch up on the town gossip, check in with old friends. It is the heart of the town. It was my first visit!!  Made me miss my Papal.  He would have loved the place.
Friday evening we met up with Tyler and his date to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks before heading to a square dance put on by the local bicycle club. Being new to the whole bike thing we opted out of the race before hand and just met up with the crew for the party afterwards. I know, we are pretty lame.

The square dance was amazing. We met up with Justin and Amanda at the dance as well. My favorite dance was the 4 couple dance where we all got to stay together in a little square doing crazy things (break the ocean, take a little peak, dose e dow, swing your partner, swing your corner.)   It wore me out to be honest. Tyler and Justin kept having to yell "JESSICA!  JESSICA!!!" and grab me because I had no clue where I was  because  of the spinning.   But I think we danced pretty well for being first timers, in the middle of a dark field.  It is something we must do again and again and again.   

On saturday morning Roger and I hung out at the house until around 1pm then took a short bike ride out to the high school.  We thought it would take longer but who knew riding a bike could get you somewhere so fast!!!   If we walked if would have been 30min to and 30min back. With the bikes it took us round trip 15 min.  CRAZY!!!  I love bikes!

from about 2pm until 4:30pm we enjoyed being lazy on the couch and reading our books.  At 5pm we headed to the city for the play pinocchio which had been adapted by James Still. It was amazing. Very abstract!  Before the show we stopped at a local bar to have stuffed mushrooms and drinks. (my drink of the weekend was a highball from the 1930's)  After the show Roger surprised me with reservations to my favorite restaurant!  We enjoyed a nice swanky dinner together, including some delicious  wine, duck and snails.  

It was a pretty awesome weekend and we will probably be yearning for another one in a couple of weeks.  Once the kids got home reality set in.  "we had fun but these kids are really just too darn cute to go too long without!"