Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dr Mamma Jay

YAY!!!  I feel so accomplished as a mother.  Let me explain.  Paul has been constipated off and on for a good year. The child sucks the poo up in their because he is "too busy playing" and when he finally lets me know how bad he needs to poo it is already too late.  He had gotten himself all constipated.  So, we have been playing Doctor to try and help the poor little feller.

However, today was a little different.  After giving him a children's laxative to soften up the stool for two days with no results I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Oh boy.  When I was little my mom always put a little bit of soap in my butt and held my checks together to get my muscles to start working.  I've done it with Paul before but the problem today was that I couldn't find any bars of soup around the house. Go figure.  We use the gel stuff and the magic puff things.  So, I thought and thought while listening to Paul scream in agony "I have poo in my body.  Oh I have a head ache."  My response "Paul, that's your belly.  Not your head.  So, you have a belly ache."

Then it came to me after the brief thought of "His intestines are going to explode.  Hurry we'll take him to the ER." I decided to take an old medicine dropper of Anna's, fill it with water and squirt it up his butt. I know. I know.  Sounds a bit dangerous and REALLY nasty. But anyway, let's continue.  So, I threw Paul over my knees, put some handy vaseline on his butt and on the dropper and slowly squirted water into his tiny little butt hole. "Man, I decided to drop out of nursing school for fear that I would have to do something like this and look at me. I am squirting water up someone's butt. Maybe I should have worked harder in anatomy"

After holding his butt checks together for a bit I had him waddle over to the toilet and "push that water otta that hole son."  And what do know, the child produced the biggest crap I have ever seen.  "Man, how does such a HUGE thing come out of such a tiny boy??"  He jumped off the toilet yelling "TA DA  I POOOOOED!!!  IT's HUGE MOM!!!"   "YES it is son.  Yes it is.  You totally deserve a sucker for that one."  "No, mom, I deserve a piece of candy.  A huge piece of candy."  "Alright."

So, we high fived, did a little dance, ran down stairs and after calling Roger to announce the BIG news, enjoyed a yummy piece of chocolate candy!! What a productive day!

As I was writing this I heard Anna screaming in her room.  I had laid her down for a nap about 45 min ago. I went in to check on her and found that she had somehow gotten her leg stuck in between the bars of her crib. First thought "CALL 911.  The child is completely stuck."  Then I proceeded into the bathroom for the ever so handy coco butter lotion that I used while I was pregnant to prevent stretch marks.  Turns out it also helps get chubby baby legs out from between bars of cribs.  I can see the add now "Does your fat baby get his or her leg stuck in their crib often. Coco butter only 12.99"  She's ok. I'm ok and my mother esteem has been boosted.  "I have saved both of my children today."  Dang I am AWESOME

Monday, June 22, 2009

pity party

Im feeling absolutely exhausted and on the verge of tears. I can not manage to sleep at night.  I am sure I am in fact asleep but I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all.  It is really concerning so I did what any good heart patient does. I rushed out and bought some herbal sleepy time tea.  Enjoyed a wonderful glass of it with honey last night and woke up feeling, well, feeling still like utter crap. Totally wiped out. Maybe I am depressed or something. I know lack of energy and body aches are symptoms and add to that the fact that most days I am near tears at some point. Or maybe it's just being a stay at home mom with no family or friends near by.  That could do it.  

Ok, let's blame it on being stationed in a town full of people I don't really know who seem to be too busy for ANYTHING.  I swear, do these people shower.  They seem to be on the go so much that I fear for their hygiene. When would they shower.  It is AMAZING how busy kids are these days. Holy Crap. I am making a vow right now not to let Paul and Anna get in involved in too many activities. My goal is to raise laid back, community centered people. People who have time to get to know their neighbors. I cherish the times we would play for hours at mammal and papal's house while our parents and neighbors sat on the porch drinking coffee, enjoying a smoke and a good conversation.  Does that not exist any more??  Maybe just not here??  What happened to the days you could just stop in to see someone have a random conversation and not worry about bothering them or messing with their schedule. This is where I want to mention that we have an open door policy at our house.  If the lights are on and we are home then anyone is welcome. The house might not be clean, the kids might be a little nuts and we might me exhausted but we will be grateful to have you over just to hang out and talk.  Or hang out if talking is not your thing. Hey, we can sit outside and listen to the birds together and make fun of ourselves for doing so.

I think what we all forget is that people aren't going to stop by at the BEST moment. There's never going to be that RIGHT TIME to get to know people on a deeper level. You're not going to ALWAYS be in a "meeting people" mood. But that's where grace and love comes in. That's when you lean on the One and remember that Jesus was all about hanging out with people, eating, drinking and having intense conversations. Just think about it. He probably wasn't always in the BEST possible situation for meeting people. Heck, he was at a friends house when  a hole appeared in the roof and a man was lowered in. I imagine he was a bit surprised, a little angry and a little bit like "oh man this is totally a bad time."  But he took time for the guy and healed him.  

So, all I am saying is take a little time for people even when you feel like utter crap because maybe that person feels even crappier than you do.  And that little bit of attention has the potential to make their day less crappier. 

You know, we are a society built on individualism but in all truth we NEED each other.  Just look at how busy ever one has made themselves. Joining the YMCA, the country club, a baseball team, a sewing circle, a church something or other......... the list goes on.  Because people need to be around people. But somehow we have lost that genuine sense of community. We may be members of the same country club, the same church, the same YMCA, the same sewing circle, the same baseball team, but do we really know one another. Would we feel comfortable about stopping by their house for an afternoon chat? Do we know their inner struggles and strive to help them through such pain? Can we truly rejoice when happiness enters their lives? Or are they just people that we have placed into specific categories of our lives. People that we NEVER mix and that we put on certain faces while amongst.

Moving to a knew town, away from friends and family has been a learning experience. I have been forced to think through and act on the above mentioned things.  Getting to know your neighbors is hard, but I must admit it is a LOT easier when you live downtown and no one has a garage door or a PRIVACY fence. Still, taking that first step to walk across the street to say high is a bit frightening when you have been raised to respect personal space.  Slowly we are getting to know our neighbors and start up genuine relationships but we are still struggling with the church Roger works at. It is nearly impossible to have a relationship with someone that you only see maybe every other week and during that time really don't get the opportunity to talk to.  Anyway, we'll still work on trying to do that. 

But back to the pity party. I feel so lonely. I miss being surrounded by people that I new and had genuine relationships with. Starting a relationship is hard work and often times a bit lonely and discouraging.  Ok, pity party over.  Now on to better things.  FACEBOOK!!!!      

Thursday, June 18, 2009

random happenings

The past couple of days have been full of fun interesting people!  On Monday night we had our first summer reading group meeting with the youth.  We are having everyone over to our house every Monday night from 6 -8pm to read through the book Adventures in Missing the Point by Brian Mclaren and Tony Campolo. It was nice sitting around the living room reading aloud and listening to the questions from the youth. I must say that we have been blessed with some intelligent individuals. They ask the BEST questions and they seem to be VERY interested in learning more about their faith.  Each time I am with them they amaze me with their interest and sincere desire to grow deeper in their faith.  They truly want to make it their own.

On Tuesday night we all met at the church for the oh so lovely lock-n.  We had about 20 people there.  I think.  I should have counted.  At first it was only going to be Roger and I chaperoning but after discovering that a lot of the kids invited a LOT of friends we called Emily C, a lovely girl that we go to seminary with who also happens to be a youth minister, and asked at the last minute if she could help.  She came over on such short notice and stayed all night even though she had to work the next morning. I must say that that had to be one of the nicest things anyone has done for us. It was also nice getting the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

The lock-n went pretty well.  We had a few little issues but what lock-n doesn't. Paul and Anna had a BLAST.  Yes, we took the kids. Our family doesn't live near us and I could not really think of anyone to ask to keep them over night so we drug the baby bed from the nursery into Roger's office for Anna and told Paul we were camping out at the church. He had a great time hanging out with the youth until he finally decided it was time to climb into his sleeping bag for the night. I slept on the couch in Roger's office beside the kids and had a lovely time snoozing in between checking on the loud noises in the room above me and making my rounds through the church to check on the status of everyone.  I found some of the girls sitting in the girls bathroom with the lights off talking when I went in to pee. I started laughing at them and opted to find another bathroom to pee in.  I guess it was a good idea to sit there. The ladies bathroom has a nice little sitting area with couches and as long as they were in their the boys couldn't bother them. I'm glad that they got the opportunity to sit up with each other all night in the bathroom talking girl talk.  That is true bonding!!!!  I remember those days. :)

Wednesday morning was miserable. I was soooooo tired, Roger was soooooo tired and Paul and Anna were NOT. i finally broke down after feeding them breakfast and cleaning the kitchen.  I climbed into bed and said "Sorry Roger. I can't feel my heart beating. I think I am going to die. My heart is worn out. There is no way I'm going to be able to........."  And then I feel asleep.  Roger took care of the kids the rest of the day. I finally got up around 3pm and took a shower.  Then I felt a lot better.

Later Wednesday afternoon we walked to our neighbor's house next door and enjoyed some yummy watermelon while the kids swam in the kiddy pool.  We also got to meet the neighbor that lives behind us!!!  Then we came back home, I went for a little bike ride and Roger put Anna to bed. When I got back Paul and I stayed up late catching lighting bugs!  Our neighbor even joined in on the fun.  He was sitting outside on his porch when paul and I ran around the corner trying to catch one. He smiled and joined us.  

This morning I got up around 6:30 and went for a 3 mile hike through the farm.  The grass was wet, my feet got very wet but it was very refreshing to be up so early taking in the fresh air and feeling the dew all over my feet. This afternoon we met a few of the stay-at-home moms at the church for a picnic on the playground. It started to storm so we ended up taking the fun inside. So, we're going to try again next week and pray that it doesn't rain.  The last two times it has.  But the kids don't really seem to care.  

This afternoon I am going back to the church to partake in the ladies sewing circle. I'm awful tired but the sewing circle only takes place once a month at the most so I can't really miss. I'll just crash when I get home and plan absolutely nothing for this weekend. I'm just going to lay around and read.  Well, I guess if Paul and Anna let me. I'm reading a great book by lisa Samson, "Embrace Me."  Thus far I have to say she is a good writer.  The story is very interesting!!! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr Grouch

I am tired, my leg muscles are burning and I am in a down right bad mood.  Im hoping this blog thing will help to put me in a more jolly way so that I can go to sleep not so angry.  What am I angry about?  Absolutely nothing. Nothing really.  My body is just plum worn out and I don't think I can walk up the stairs one more time caring Anna kicking and screaming.  The child is getting massive. I've not been able to go to the gym in over a week because by the time Roger gets home my muscles are throbbing from cleaning, picking up Anna non stop, carrying Paul's toys here or there, pushing the kids to and from the park (paul is 35Ibs and Anna is 22Ibs...that's a lot of weight to push up a massive hill).  I am worn out.

This afternoon we rushed to eat dinner so we could take Paul to the library to see Silly Safarie Steve.  He is a Zoo dude with animals and he adds a bit of comedy into explaining the creatures.  It was rather funny. Paul thought it was down right HILARIOUS.  The child laughed really hard.  At the end we were able to pet the baby Alligator, rabbit and massive toad.  He was in awe.  Yet again, I'm my child's hero "my mom took me to see animals at the library."  We walked to and from the library so that added on to the already "they are freakin' killing me" legs.   I just couldn't justify putting toxic vapor in the air just because my legs hurt.  so, I sucked it up and walked with the kids in tow.

when we got home we watered the plants, let the kids play in the pool until bath time/bed time and then I took a hot bath in my hot bathroom.  We have yet to turn the air on. We're trying to hold out. We open the windows in the early morning then shut them around 9am.  At night before bed we put fans in all the windows upstairs and air the place out.  It gets it rather cool.  Bearable. i still have to sleep a bit on the naked side.  But hey, less energy used makes for a happier earth.  Plus it's fun to see how long we can go on suffering.  I guess it is a sadistic game. But your body does get used to the weather change. And I like to keep in mind those in this town who actually don't choose to suffer but truly have no air conditioning.  Like our neighbors down the road.  I guess that's why we all sit outside when it cools off at night.  It is cooler outside than it is in our houses.  It makes me think that air conditioning and TV have killed the sense of community. You were forced out of your house by heat and boredom.  Heck, that's why we do front porch sittin'

Anyway, Roger is at the grocery store while I lay here in bed with a restless mind. I'm tired but haven't been able to sleep real well lately.  the heat??  maybe.  But I'm almost certain I am having heart palpitations at night again.  big oh that sucks.  I have these vivid dreams of being chased.  That something or someone is after me.  I feel like I am in a deep sleep but when I wake up I feel like I have not rested at all and have been chased all night.  The same feeling I had before getting the pacemaker and the medicine.  So, I guess here we go again.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my  second lead not functioning and being turned off or the fact that it is getting closer to the time for me to get my pacemaker replaced.  I have an appointment in July but I'll be out of the state so I have to reschedule.  Anyone who has had to see a cardiologist knows that if you have an appointment you don't reschedule but alas that is my only option.   

The kids are in bed, roger is doing a late night shopping expedition (when else do you shop) and I am laying in the bed with the fan in the window blowing on me.  It is peaceful and I am no longer in a Mr. grouch mood.  However, I feel the urge to eat ice cream with peanut butter until I feel like vomiting, taking some benadryl and becoming zombiefide to the movie When Harry Met Sally.  Don't worry, I will not partake in the above. 
I do need to mention what a wonderful husband I have.  This morning before work he cleaned the kitchen, straightened up the house and even made the bed. For his lunch break he met us at the church park and we partook in the classic peanut butter and jelly followed by an apple and a crazy game of Peter Pan "I'm peter, your captian hook, mom's Windy and Anna is tinker bell."  And the fact that after working hard all day he walked to the library with us, got Anna cleaned and ready for bed  and has rushed to the store for food is AMAZING.  He is the best and I am madly in love with him.  Even when I am Mr. grouch.

Roger and I when we were little. I'm the one on the left with the head band and my friend Kim is on the right.  Roger was trying to make a funny face.

Roger and I our sophomore year of college. We started officially dating Novemeber 27, 1999 and got the opportunity to go to college together after our 2002 graduation from HS.  I had just gotten into a shaving cream and flour/water war.

On May 15, 2004 we took vows and exchanged rings!!!  Best friends deciding to be best friends forever.  We continued going to college, living on campus and had a blast being roomies.  We would see each other on campus walking to class, give a high five and say "hey roomie."  

On July 25, 2005 we welcomed Paul Calvin into the world.  We had a blast having him as the campus baby.  He went to class with us, played on a blanket in the library while we studied and made for a fun break from writing papers.

On May 21, 2008 we welcomed our second precious baby Anna Catherine into our fun filled circle. I was on bed rest with her for 3 months and the finally had to take her by c-section because in the middle of the night her heart rate was undetectable.  turns out the cord was wrapped around here neck. it was a blessing in disguise that I was in the hospital on bed rest.  I would have lost our precious baby.

Now we own a home together, go to seminary together and enjoy laughing together.  Funny when I think about the first time I met him in fourth grade.  He is a great guy and I am super blessed to have him and his crazy personality. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Day Lilies

We've had an excellent uplifting weekend. We dropped the kids off at our parents house on Thursday and have spent the weekend meeting new people and joking around with old friends. It's been great.

On Friday we all met at Al's bar and enjoyed some good music and yummy bison burgers. Our friends Amanda and Justin found this group called the Seedy Seeds (check them out )and then found out they were going to be at a favorite bar of ours that just so happens to be within walking distance of their house.  YAY "We MUST go!!!   It is CRUCIAL" 

After the show we all went back to Theresa's house. A girl that I have just recently met and become friends with. She frequents the house church that Amanda and Justin attend. YAY for meeting new people that are COOL!!!!!!! We all sat around, stood around, laughing at random things until we decided "hey, let's play Scatagories."  And so we did.  Hilarious!!!  I must say Justin and Roger have rather weird thoughts.  I also must say how refreshing it was to be around people who are relaxed, enjoying life and not to wrapped up in the business of life. I just get so tired of the conversation of "how are you all today??"  "Oh, busy."  

This morning Roger and I enjoyed sleeping in!!!  YAY slept in until 9:30!!!  HOLLLER  Then we took a long bike ride down near the railroad tracks. It was nice being out together enjoying the beautiful weather and the town. We rode down to the farmers market and bought WAY to many onions.  They laughed at how funny my backpack looked with onion stems sticking out the top. "hey gotta support the locals"

After the bike ride we headed for college park and attempted to play tennis.  It was rather hilarious. "Ok, here's the plan. Lets try to hit it back and forth 5 times."  We never got to the goal but we had fun trying. We also had fun picking up the balls after the game. It felt like easter all over again. "I know it landed over here somewhere."

Showers, a quick lunch and a few words spoken on the back porch and we found our selves headed  to the city. We found, well, we asked Justin and Amanda and they led us to a nice little coffee shop were we enjoyed sipping tea/coffee, reading will and lisa samson/studying Greek, and talking about social justice issues that have been plaguing our minds. When the coffee shop felt as if it was closing in on us we took a walk around the university's campus and day dreamed about going to grad school together. I for my marriage and family degree and roger for his church history.  Oh, I sure hope we get in to the school we want or well, I guess we'll just keep trying until we do. Or we'll just burn the place down.

This evening we met up with Justin and Amanda yet again and attended a block party on, yes you guessed it, their block. YAY for meeting people....AGAIN!!!  It was great. I was able to get so many ideas about how to go about throwing a block party. We plan on doing that here on our little block. YAY for meeting your neighbors!!!!  YAY for no garage doors!!!!!!  YAY for front porches!!!!!!   YAY for nice weather!!!!!!   

Tomorrow a lot of people are getting together early in the morning for a bike ride through the country.  I want to go so bad that I could, well, go. But I feel that I shouldn't skip my church. We're trying to build community here so I can't keep running off to a community that has already been established.  sadness.  But I sure am glad that those wonderful people are their for support.  There have been many a time that I have said "Rog lets sell the house and move to the city near friends.  I can't stand this any more."  But I truly feel like we are here for some reason.  There's always a reason.  It's not always the easiest thing but there is always a reason.  So, here we are.  In a town where we know few and can't seem to find like minded people.  However, I do have hope that they are out there and I shall be on a quest to find them!!!  Or I''ll just convert my neighbors!!! HA HA sneaky!!!    And I'll take frequent trips into the city for support.  After all we went 5 years driving 45 min to and from work.  20 min is a piece of cake!!! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

growing a community garden

Summer is officially here and the summer reading group at the library is completely NUTTTTTS. During the school year they just have the regular reading times but during the summer they go all out and have some sort of AWESOME activity each day and the best part......YOU CAN WIN THESE AWESOME PRIZES. It is wild how many people showed up today to make these iron on t-shirts. over 100 people. Who knows how many people will show up for Safari Steve or Origami night or when the Lexington Children's Theatre performs for free.  AAAAHHHH  

I was a little taken back this morning and tempted to haul tail outta there but I stayed. Mainly because we walked all the way there mies well sit back and enjoy the crowd. It was pretty cool. The kids were handed a page to color whatever they wished and then that was ironed onto a t-shirt for them. So, Paul has a shirt with his art work on it!!!!  Pretty neat.

After the library I took Paul to a play group that I was just recently asked to be a part of. We were both excited. They were some of the kids that were in his preschool class and their parents. It was nice sitting in the gym (it was raining out so we couldn't go to the park) watching the kids ride bikes, play basketball, attempt to hulahup and chase each other around while talking with my fellow stay at home mommers!!  YAY!!  Paul was super excited to see his little friends from class. He had been missing them. And I was super excited to be around stay at home moms that aren't super wild and crazy. You know what I mean. The "I only talk to your baby and ignore the fact that you are there" kind.

I am happy to announce that we are slowly starting to meet people around town. It helps being so close to down town. You wouldn't believe how many people we have met just walking to and from places. It's great! A book that I just recently finished reading "New Monasticism"by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove explained it this way.  Making community is like growing a garden. It takes time and effort. You don't just go out there and sprinkle seeds and automatically have a tomato to eat. You have to work the earth, plant the seed, water the seed continuously, tie up the plant and then wait.  One day you'll walk out and there will be a beautiful red tomato for you to enjoy.   So, now that we have worked the earth (moved downtown and became involved in several activities) we are now planting the seeds (starting friendships). It will take a while for the tomato to appear but I am willing to put forth the effort to grow this community!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

God sends a gutter fixer man

We just got finished with our first maintenance project on our new (old) house. After moving into the place we noticed that the front gutter over the porch wasn't draining well. So, we thought, "Hey we need to get the gutters cleaned."  Months later we noticed that it was collecting so much water that it was binding and pulling away from the house, "Hey, we need to get that gutter fixed."  Months later.  "Roger, call someone to fix that gutter."  Several weeks later.  "I called someone he should be over this afternoon to give an estaminet."  The next day "Well, I guess the guy never showed up. Now what do we do??"   So, we did the only thing that we knew to do......we prayed and had faith.  The next thing I am about to tell you will put you i awe.

I was sitting on the couch early Saturday afternoon relaxing before a friends wedding and praying silently about the gutter situation when I heard a knock on the door. A man was standing outside. Normally I wouldn't answer the door when Roger isn't home but for some reason I was like "Jess, you gotta get over the irrational fears." So I answered the door. "Mam, would you mind if I bought some water off of you. I am cleaning out the gutters at your neighbor's and he doesn't have a spout on this side of the house?"  I immediately jumped on the gun and said "hold on.  you clean gutters?  Do you fix gutters too?!?"  he replied with a smile "yes, mam I do."  I then asked who he worked for and he said for himself.  YAY a local guy!!!  So, I asked how much and when and he said he could do it just as soon as he finished our neighbor's house. "I'm over here I mise well do it today."      

He ended up having to come back today, tuesday, to finish up because while he was cleaning and fixing our gutters he noticed that the wood behind the gutter that wasn't draining well was pretty rotten and REALLY needed to be replaced.  I must say that I wasn't shocked about that. From way it was sagging it looked at if the previous owner hadn't fixed it in a while. But I am shocked that our house inspector that we hired before we bought the house didn't catch that. It kinda makes me mad.  REALLY mad.  We could have had the previous owner fix that.

So, the moral of the story. Don't worry. Have faith. Pray. And God will have the gutter fixer man knocking on your door. This is why Roger and I try not to worry about situations. In the end they typically work out!