Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr Grouch

I am tired, my leg muscles are burning and I am in a down right bad mood.  Im hoping this blog thing will help to put me in a more jolly way so that I can go to sleep not so angry.  What am I angry about?  Absolutely nothing. Nothing really.  My body is just plum worn out and I don't think I can walk up the stairs one more time caring Anna kicking and screaming.  The child is getting massive. I've not been able to go to the gym in over a week because by the time Roger gets home my muscles are throbbing from cleaning, picking up Anna non stop, carrying Paul's toys here or there, pushing the kids to and from the park (paul is 35Ibs and Anna is 22Ibs...that's a lot of weight to push up a massive hill).  I am worn out.

This afternoon we rushed to eat dinner so we could take Paul to the library to see Silly Safarie Steve.  He is a Zoo dude with animals and he adds a bit of comedy into explaining the creatures.  It was rather funny. Paul thought it was down right HILARIOUS.  The child laughed really hard.  At the end we were able to pet the baby Alligator, rabbit and massive toad.  He was in awe.  Yet again, I'm my child's hero "my mom took me to see animals at the library."  We walked to and from the library so that added on to the already "they are freakin' killing me" legs.   I just couldn't justify putting toxic vapor in the air just because my legs hurt.  so, I sucked it up and walked with the kids in tow.

when we got home we watered the plants, let the kids play in the pool until bath time/bed time and then I took a hot bath in my hot bathroom.  We have yet to turn the air on. We're trying to hold out. We open the windows in the early morning then shut them around 9am.  At night before bed we put fans in all the windows upstairs and air the place out.  It gets it rather cool.  Bearable. i still have to sleep a bit on the naked side.  But hey, less energy used makes for a happier earth.  Plus it's fun to see how long we can go on suffering.  I guess it is a sadistic game. But your body does get used to the weather change. And I like to keep in mind those in this town who actually don't choose to suffer but truly have no air conditioning.  Like our neighbors down the road.  I guess that's why we all sit outside when it cools off at night.  It is cooler outside than it is in our houses.  It makes me think that air conditioning and TV have killed the sense of community. You were forced out of your house by heat and boredom.  Heck, that's why we do front porch sittin'

Anyway, Roger is at the grocery store while I lay here in bed with a restless mind. I'm tired but haven't been able to sleep real well lately.  the heat??  maybe.  But I'm almost certain I am having heart palpitations at night again.  big oh that sucks.  I have these vivid dreams of being chased.  That something or someone is after me.  I feel like I am in a deep sleep but when I wake up I feel like I have not rested at all and have been chased all night.  The same feeling I had before getting the pacemaker and the medicine.  So, I guess here we go again.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my  second lead not functioning and being turned off or the fact that it is getting closer to the time for me to get my pacemaker replaced.  I have an appointment in July but I'll be out of the state so I have to reschedule.  Anyone who has had to see a cardiologist knows that if you have an appointment you don't reschedule but alas that is my only option.   

The kids are in bed, roger is doing a late night shopping expedition (when else do you shop) and I am laying in the bed with the fan in the window blowing on me.  It is peaceful and I am no longer in a Mr. grouch mood.  However, I feel the urge to eat ice cream with peanut butter until I feel like vomiting, taking some benadryl and becoming zombiefide to the movie When Harry Met Sally.  Don't worry, I will not partake in the above. 
I do need to mention what a wonderful husband I have.  This morning before work he cleaned the kitchen, straightened up the house and even made the bed. For his lunch break he met us at the church park and we partook in the classic peanut butter and jelly followed by an apple and a crazy game of Peter Pan "I'm peter, your captian hook, mom's Windy and Anna is tinker bell."  And the fact that after working hard all day he walked to the library with us, got Anna cleaned and ready for bed  and has rushed to the store for food is AMAZING.  He is the best and I am madly in love with him.  Even when I am Mr. grouch.

Roger and I when we were little. I'm the one on the left with the head band and my friend Kim is on the right.  Roger was trying to make a funny face.

Roger and I our sophomore year of college. We started officially dating Novemeber 27, 1999 and got the opportunity to go to college together after our 2002 graduation from HS.  I had just gotten into a shaving cream and flour/water war.

On May 15, 2004 we took vows and exchanged rings!!!  Best friends deciding to be best friends forever.  We continued going to college, living on campus and had a blast being roomies.  We would see each other on campus walking to class, give a high five and say "hey roomie."  

On July 25, 2005 we welcomed Paul Calvin into the world.  We had a blast having him as the campus baby.  He went to class with us, played on a blanket in the library while we studied and made for a fun break from writing papers.

On May 21, 2008 we welcomed our second precious baby Anna Catherine into our fun filled circle. I was on bed rest with her for 3 months and the finally had to take her by c-section because in the middle of the night her heart rate was undetectable.  turns out the cord was wrapped around here neck. it was a blessing in disguise that I was in the hospital on bed rest.  I would have lost our precious baby.

Now we own a home together, go to seminary together and enjoy laughing together.  Funny when I think about the first time I met him in fourth grade.  He is a great guy and I am super blessed to have him and his crazy personality. 

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