Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Adventure Continues

I typed this blog last Monday afternoon (4/20/15) while at Anna's gymnastic practice:

Roger and I are neck deep in the whole parenting adventure. 

I thought we were neck deep in the parenting adventure when we had two toddlers and got annoyed when I would hear “it only gets harder” from those who had children that were older than ours. 

But now I should apologize to the people that I rolled my eyes at. 

It DOES get harder.

 Or maybe it is just hard in a different, more emotional way. 

To be fair, my body doesn't ache at night like it used to when I was chasing toddlers through the house and it is only every other night that I am up with a screaming child. 

 I will say that the elementary school years have been more emotional than I expected. On a daily bases I am screamed at and told that I am a horrible person by the same two little humans who then turn around and tell me I am the “best mom EVER.” And can you believe that in 1st grade the girl drama has already started?

This morning my alarm didn't go off at 5am like it was suppose to. 
(Or maybe it did go off and I just didn't hear it.) 
 I had intended on getting up early enough to make some final touches on a presentation that I was to give in my 9am class. 

That didn't happen. 

Instead, Rog got the kids up and going while I showered and then, bless his heart, ran to print off my papers while I finished getting dressed and the kids to the bus. The bus driver chuckled when all three of us (the kids and I) walked out the front door with our backpacks on. I'm sure we were a sight, me with my wet hair, Anna with her jacket half on.

It was a miracle I made it to class only 15min late

This afternoon I have skipped class so Roger can lecture in an evening class at the seminary. 
 Since I was driving from Georgetown as he was driving to Georgetown, we met in Midway for lunch. 

Hi husband!      Bye Husband! 

You gotta be super sneaky and creative when you are neck deep in parenting or you will NEVER see each other. I mean, you will SEE each other, but you will not SEE each other. You'll just be space cadets staring at a wall. 

When I got back home at 3pm I got the kids off the bus, Anna to gymnastics and while she practiced I helped Paul with his homework. I'm a tad bit EXCITED that his soccer practice was canceled because of rain. Normally he has practice right after Anna.

 I'm trying to pump myself up about making dinner, cleaning up after dinner, getting kids bathed, and to bed, but boy oh boy am I tired. I. AM. TIRED.   

I find solace in knowing that other parents have days that they too are clinging to sanity by their finger nails, no matter the age of their children.