Monday, October 19, 2009

I think I am sick

I am sitting in my mother's house, on her sofa, with the windows open, the sun kissing my cheeks, wrapped in a blanket, sipping coffee from a big white mug and reading to my hearts content. Yes, ladies and gentle men, I have, what I think is the flu or maybe I am suffering from what many mothers suffer from, exhaustion. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Who wouldn't?

Which brings me to why I feel inspired to write this blog. I am currently reading Belong to Me written by Marisa de los Santos. The book is so good I could cry. I smile. I laugh. I bite my nails. At times I even want to slap a character or hug a character. It is a book that draws the reader in and makes them become emotionally involved in the lives of the characters. The character development is incredible. I am at the end of the book (sadness) and everything is falling into place in such a lovely way. I keep yelling things out like "oh man. come on Dev," or "I could just jump in there and give you a big bear hug little clare," or "holy shit this writer is amazing." Then I look around to make sure no one heard me yelling at the book, relieved to find myself in my parents 'empty house.

Speaking of empty house. I LOVE IT!!! Both of my brothers have moved out and although I am sad that my mother and father are going through the first stages of the empty nest "what to do with my life now" I am having a blast in a brother-free house. To be honest my brothers are slobs (what brothers aren't) so the house is clean, smells like yummy pie and is oh so quite. It is amazing. Also, I have a confession, I have been sleeping in my little brothers room. John's bed is just so darn comfy. I mean, I jump in that thing and waller around like a pig in mud. I feel the urge to holler out "John, I'm in your bed. come try and stop me," then I laugh an evil laugh and continue to waller. Every part of this house is so peaceful. Down stairs is like HEAVEN. The buck stove is burning some logs, the yellow walls call out "peace be with you," the furniture gives me a lovely welcoming grin "oh jess, I have missed you. pop a squat and let's chat." I have free roam of this house. I feel like I am an only child again. Maybe I'll just move in!!! Free child care. Free dinner. 5 achers of yard. PEACE and QUITE!! Holy crap that sounds AWESOME.

Ok, I am clearly enjoying this being sick way to much at the moment.

Now, for the explanation of why I am actually here instead of at home being sick. My husband sent me away. He has been so behind in his school work because of me :( He works over 40 hours, helps with the kids, the house and goes to school full-time. So, when my parent's offered to pick me and the kids up he jumped all over that "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SO I CAN STUDY FOR MY MIDTERM." Although at the time I felt rejected, I am really loving this predicament that I am in. Study away husband of mine I am living the good life.

well, off to enjoy the rest of the day. when I am finished with this coffee I think I might enjoy a glass of wine. sssssshhh I found some in the fridge. that will totally help with the flu. RIGHT??

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  1. I love, love, LLOOOOOVE "Belong to Me". One of my personal faves certainly!