Monday, August 2, 2010

Open House bombed

My heart song this week!

We worked and worked to get the house show ready. We need to sell this house. I am at the point where I want to just move to etown with a tent and camp at freeman lake, bathe at etown fitness and eat beans out of a can.

I want to move.

I need to move.


We had an open house on sunday from 2-4pm. NO ONE SHOWED UP. ***stab in the heart** * we are lowering the price today. ***tear***

Trying to be part of a community that you know you are going to move out of and trying to be part of a community you know you are moving into, is so confusing. It is just plum strange.

If only roger and God would have listened to me when I was little. :) "I wanna build a house on mawmal and pawpal's farm way back in the corner, under the big trees." But no. Life just doesn't work out how we imagine it will when we are in the 4th grade. Nope. It sure doesn't.

I feel pretty content. I'm just sitting here in this beautiful old home waiting for some one to make an offer. It is pretty relaxing though. I must admit. I get up every morning to enjoy a good book and hot tea on the porch. Then I tend to the children all day. Which is fun and hilarious most days. The afternoons are full of laughter, food and sunshine. Then in the late evenings I enjoy my bedtime tea and a long conversation with my best friend since 4th grade.

The porch swing gets a lot of use during the summer months!!

However, I have not given up hope that one day I will have a little farm with goats, cows and chickens. I'm trying to convince Roger that when we move to etown we should put a goat in the back yard!!! maybe 2 goats from my Godmother and 4 chickens from mawmal!!! I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll sneak a goat in and he'll wake up, look out the back window and say "ummm jess. there is a goat in our back yard." I'll just smile and say "well, I have no clue."

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