Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fixing the Car

Funny update on the car situation. We ran out of gas!!! HA HA HA HA BA HA HA HA HA. So, we put gas in it and it WORKS!

Today has been typical. VERY ADVENTURESS. Paul's imagination and Anna's curiosity have me plum exhausted by 1:30pm. That is when we all go down for a nap. I'm beginning to think that I am the only one that sleeps really hard and slobbers all over my pillow.

I played pirate ship and mermaid island for an hour with Paul today! That consisted of Anna and I flopping around on the floor (the ocean) and pretending to be trying to get away from the cannon balls (foam balls) that the pirate (paul) was throwing at us. ugggg arrrrrrr swim swim swim. ahhhhh

I painted Anna's finger nails and toe nails! the paint on her thumb is gone. she sucks that thumb. oh well.

I took them both to the library to pick out a movie but I wouldn't allow them to pick out any books. Doesn't that sound horrible? But they have WAY TOO MANY library books at home that they didn't want to part with.

We played in the kiddy pool and ran through the sprinklers! Well, that was until I looked out the window, after having come inside to check on the dinner I was making and noticed a big snake slide under the bush near the kiddy pool. SCREAM!! RUN!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

After dinner, when it had finally cooled down to the mid 80's I took them to the park. Paul has finally gotten the hang of swinging by himself!!! However, he still hasn't gotten the hang of not complaining over every single thing. man alive.

Once I finally got the kids to bed I grabbed a nice homemade brownie (got the recipe from the Joy of Cooking), sprinkled some powdered sugar on it and ATE IT!!! YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Roger came home after I hid the evidence of the brownie attack and he has completely crashed on the bed. I wonder if he will sleep all night with his feet on the pillow and his head at the bottom of the bed. sure hope not. Poor little feller. Must be uncomforatble to fall asleep with your belt still on. hummmmm

Ps: I am taking my mom on a mother/daughter date on saturday. Dinner at my favorite restaurant, A La Lucia followed by The Sound of Music at the Opera House!!! I'm super excited!!

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  1. I'm excited for your date too! That sounds awesome!