Tuesday, August 17, 2010

House Update

Just to keep you all updated about our housing situation. Our home that is for sale in Winchester is still for sale. But the house in Elizabethtown is nearing the completion. It will still be a while before they are finished remodeling but they are no longer tearing down things!! They have now started the rebuild!

Sunday after church we went for a walk through to see the new walls and pick out paint. Roger kept the kids outside playing in the back yard while I walked from room to room holding up paint cards. Curtis gave me a massive bundle...MASSIVE BUNDLE....to look through. Later Roger walked through the house with the cards and we did a team huddle to decide which colors for which rooms.

We also talked about what color the front door will be, the color of the shutters, the type and color of the door knobs. We aren't picky people and we have no clue what we are doing so the decision process was very easy. Later we will be talking about carpet. I imagine that will be pretty easy as well.

Paul would like to request that a tree house be built in the back yard. He is currently saving pennies to pay for the wood! :)

We also discovered AWESOMENESS in the back yard. TWO CHERRY TREES and a GRAPE VINE!!! It's like my childhood all over again. I would spend hours just sitting in mawmal and pawpal's cherry tree eating cherries until I got sick. I did the same thing with their grape vine. YUM!! I'll have to learn to can from mawmal and make cherry jam.

We are terribly excited about moving! It has been so cool to watch this house being reborn. I sure hope the colors we picked out aren't too weird....Alabaster (all down stairs), Rain Drop (all upstairs), Champagne (all three bathrooms), and Soft Suede (master suite). Anna and Paul picked their colors. A very light pink for anna and green for paul.

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