Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steve Martin's Parenthood

I have been thinking about the Steve Martin movie, Parenthood, for several days. I NEED to sit down with a glass of white wine and enjoy the movie with Roger. Anna and Paul are DRIVING US NUTS. Anna has taken up the job of a mountain explorer and Paul has taken up the job of a scientist. Anna climbs on, grabs, and rips any thing that passes within her vision. She also enjoys seeing just how far and fast she can run from you. I'm beginning to think she LOVES the time out rug. Paul asks "but why" or "how" all day long.

I know this is normal for his age, as is Anna's behavior but when he asks "why did you make coffee? how do you make coffee? can I make coffee? how long does it take you to drink that coffee? what does the coffee taste like? Can I drink the coffee? why can't I drink the coffee? if the coffee tastes disgusting then why do you drink it? why is coffee black?" all while I am trying to enjoy some coffee and keep Anna from climbing on the kitchen counter to get to her "gummie snacks in that door," I feel as if I could just crumble into the floor.

There is a good reason why they separate the 5 year old class and the 2 year old class at a preschool/ daycare. It is nearly impossible to watch them at the same time. They are just simply at different developmental stages.

I feel as if from 7:20am this morning, to 2pm this afternoon, was a complete blur. I was in a constant state of redirecting or directing. I told Roger and I should call myself a Life Couch instead of a Stay-At-Home mom.

Combining these two glorious stages (preschooler and toddler) reminds me of bringing a infant home for the first time. A LOT OF WORK and a lot of WHAT DO I DO NOW. I guess we just learn as we go and pray that we don't screw them up too awfully bad. The problem is that each time I think I have figured a developmental stage out and how to handle that specific child, the child jumps into a different stage and I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

So, enjoy the clip! I am going to put the kids to bed early and enjoy the WHOLE MOVIE!

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