Tuesday, August 3, 2010

praying for patience

We took Paul to the high school running track to practice running. He wants to run a little kid race that is 1/2 mile. That is a pretty good little way for a little person with little legs that has never really run any long distances. I'm trying to run with him. Roger enjoys just watching!

On the way home our car quit. just stopped in the middle of the road. We coasted onto a side street and started the trek back home. Then we remembered we had the jogging stroller and a whole case of water bottles in the trunk of the car. THANK YOU LORD!!

As soon as we got back to the house Roger jumped in the other car to head back to figure out what is going on with the one that just quit. I opened up some mail while trying to calm the kids down. A BILL from the anesthesiologist office. HOLY CRAP.

So now I have the hospital bill, the clinic bill AND a anesthesiologist bill? On top of a possible car fixer man bill? Great.

I am very thankful for our savings account! But man alive.

I feel horrible that I have cost our little family so much money in medical bills. It is hard not to feel guilty about it even though they don't see it that way. Staying alive is so expensive.

All I can do is laugh at the situation and pray for patience. lots and lots of patience. or I might explode.

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