Saturday, August 21, 2010

Open Space

I just absolutely LOVE this song! (posted below) It gives me that fresh youthful feeling that reminds me of those long summer days spent on the family farm.

Just about every day was spent roaming around through the woods with all my cousins, in search of the best wood to make a fort. Pretty much our whole childhood was spent building forts or bridges. We never really played in them once they were built but boy oh boy did we build a lot of forts. And we were REALLY serious about building them!

During the winter, when it was really too cold to build forts outside we would climb in the hay loft and build MASSIVE forts in the hay. We would put our coveralls on, grab all the flash lights in mawmal's house and take off on our golf carts, go carts and motorcycles to the barn. I'm surprised non of us have grown up to be builders.

I miss climbing the massive tree in mawmal's front yard and sitting there for hours reading.

I miss riding the motorcycle through the farm chasing the cows. Those poor poor cows. I believe there were whole days I would spend riding the motorcycle around.

I miss sitting in the woods for hours and hours just sitting. Not having a care in the world.

I miss hiking for hours and still being on our property.

Mostly I miss being in the middle of nowhere. I miss the noise of nothingness. I want to own my own farm one day. I want to own so much land that I can get lost on it. I want to get up in the morning, walk out my back door and go on a hike through open fields. I want to come home from a long day and pop a squat in the middle of some tall grass and watch the clouds move across the sky

I dream too much about stuff.I know. I romanticize too much. I know. My head is always somewhere else. I know. I need to work on that. I know. But I am determined to one day have a little farm. I don't need a massive one. Just a little one. Just some open space. I enjoy open space.

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