Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on Anna

Anna is starting to feel (and act) a whole heck of a lot better.
The child has actually been a pleasure to be around for the past two days.
Such a darling!
After the monday from hell little miss Anna gifted me with a fabulous Tuesday and Wednesday and so far this Thursday morning has been as delightful as the past two days. 

 Here's to praying this lack of an ear infection lasts for a few more weeks.

The antibiotics tend to only keep the ear infection away for a week.

Then we're back to HELL.

Tuesday was spent outside ALL DAY LONG.

My kind of day!

Anna and I went to Freeman Lake for a small hike and to feed the ducks.
Before heading home we dropped by the park to slide!
For lunch we had a picnic in the back yard and after picking Paul up from school all three of us headed to the Fitness Center to swim.
We ended the day by having pancakes for dinner!

Yesterday, Wednesday, Anna "helped" me clean the car out.
Every day I try to complete a nagging task. Our car has been DISGUSTING for the past couple of weeks.  It got to the point where the kids were complaining about how messy and stinky the car was.  Paul said he didn't want to ride in it until I cleaned it.
It really was VERY nasty.  

We cleaned it out, vacuumed it up and scrubbed it down.
By nap time Anna was EXHAUSTED.

While she was napping I decided to take that precious time to finish knitting her cardigan.

When she woke up from her nap I surprised her with it!

She told me that I was "so precious" for making it for her. 
"mom, you are a cutie pie!"

She was flipping excited about the hood!  That was something specific that she had requested when I told her I was going to make her a cardigan.

This morning she woke up requesting to go to Barnes and Noble to look at the books and play with the train set.  Then she ran in the room to dress herself.  
She came out looking like this.....

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