Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Rodeo

We started Saturday off like this

We ended Saturday like this.
It was a VERY eventful Saturday!

The kids decided that Saturday morning they wanted to get up early for a summer run. 
They even got Roger and I in on the whole run thing.  
Neighbors waking up to sip their saturday morning coffee got a good chuckle when they looked out their kitchen windows to see our CRAZY family running laps through the parking lot.

Saturday afternoon roger and I along with the kids and two friends went to the local Rodeo!

Let me explain the back story.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the rodeo.

 Someone on horse back attempting to catch a cow FASCINATES me,
someone attempting to ride a bucking horse bare back CRACKs ME UP,
and a grown man wrestling a steer is frightening and thrilling at the same time.


The guys and the kids sat quietly on the bleachers watching the show while I couldn't hep but clap, scream, giggle and yell out "OH MAN THAT WAS CLOSE" or "WOW THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! DID YOU ALL SEE THAT? THAT WAS AWESOME!"

They just sat there with this crazy stare like "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?"

I could have stayed there all night watching cowboys wrestle steers to the ground but the guys and kids got tired forcing me to leave before it was over.

And to think that if we would have stayed just a LITTLE BIT longer I would have gotten to participate in a game in which they throw all  kinds of envelopes full of money into the middle of the ring and let the ladies race to get the money.  I could have gotten an envelop FULL OF MONEY!!!      (  Ha )

You BET  I would have participated in that VERY degrading game.
yeah, you're right.  I probably wouldn't have.

However, I am determined to go back next year and STAY THE ENTIRE TIME.


I was in my element. 
The air was thick with the stench of cow crap, the moon was shinning brightly and levi jeans were EVERYWHERE.

It reminded me of tagging along with PawPaw to the stock yards.

The next day Paul smiled really big "I can't believe I actually got to see a REAL LIFE cowboy,"
Anna was confused as to why she didn't get to ride a Moose, "i thought I was going to see a Moose at the Rodeo and ride it,"
I was on cloud  nine that I FINALLY got to go to a RODEO,
 and Roger was confused as to HOW IN THE WORLD I  had convinced him to go to such a thing.


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