Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Two

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick Paul up from school I was AMAZED by how LONG the lines were.  I luckily got there early so I was very near the front of the line but the massive amount of cars that were behind me was INCREDIBLE. 

Elementary Schools are a hopping place to be at  around 3pm Monday through Friday.

All was well for the first little bit of car sitting.
Anna had a big ol' pile of books to read and I brought my book along as well.
That was until Anna decided she wanted out of her car seat "NOW."
She started screaming bloody murder, pounding on the window 

When Paul finally made it to the car he had a HUGE smile on his face.
The teacher that walked him to the car smiled at me and said 
"can I take him home with me. You have the sweetest little boy."

I had planned on him being completely EXHAUSTED but he was seriously SO HAPPY and bouncy and excited about telling me ALL ABOUT his first day of kindergarten.

We talked and talked and talked and talked.
Anna even told us all about her first day of kindergarten.

Today, day two of the big K, has gone smoothly for me.
paul ready to go to his 2nd day!

Anna has kept me busy entertained all morning.

This morning after helping Roger and Paul out the door, Anna and I headed to Target to buy her some shoes. The child was in DESPERATE need of some shoes that FIT.

I have no clue where it comes from but Anna is such a little lady.
She got all dressed up and even had me fix her hair before going shoe shopping with me.

I wish I took the time to fix my hair, put on make up and dress myself in little dainty dresses but I like to be outside too much in the hot heat  to care about that stuff. Instead I have wet hair in a pony tale, chapstick on my lips, and I'm dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with chacos on my feet.

(anna says in the video "this dress is gorgeous, I'm gorgeous and it is really special.")

The whole 5 minute 3 second drive to Target Anna talked nonstop about what kind of shoes she was looking for.

Once there, in the shoe aisle, she started yanking shoes off of the shelves.
"oh mommy these are lovely!"

Any shoe I picked out she would wrinkle up her nose before declaring

I finally convinced her NOT to get the SUPER sparkly princess shoes that were a tad bit OVER our price range and go with the pink tennis shoes that has more white than pink.
"I just think these are adorable mommy!"

With the shoe selection made I tried to make my way to the checkout but Anna insisted that we
"at least look at the pretty dresses."

I'm not much for shopping but it was so much fun to watch Anna "shop."
She kept picking up little girls clothes, hugging them tightly to her chest and saying
"Mother this is beautiful!"
"Oh how adorable!"
"What a sweet little shirt!"

Before heading home we stopped by the mall so Anna could play in the inside play area and climb on the little kid ridding machines.
While there she kept smiling at this little old man until he finally came up and handed her 3 quarters to ride one of the rides.

I tried smiling at a cute old man but I only got a wink.
I was hoping for some money.

When we picked Paul up today he seemed excited but tired.
As soon as we got home he bursted into tears
"yes paul?"
"I miss PawPaw. He's dead mom. I can see him in my mind and I miss him."

I have no clue where in the world THAT came from but it was pretty clear that he was exhausted.

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  1. Jessica, he said the same thing about his PawPaw to me that day when you went to get the ice cream. I totally forgot until I read this! They are both so sweet :)