Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh God help me to do good things

Bless her heart, Anna was born with a whole lot of spunk.

The child is cRaZy.

She tries SO hard to chill out but she runs amuck on most days.

She plum wears me out.

Mom and Dad laugh every time I share Anna stories. They say "that child is JUST LIKE YOU!"

Dad said that he never worried about boys taking advantage of me but he did FEAR for the boys.
Apparently I was a spunky child and adolescent. 

I think Rog has tamed me a bit..... sort of.
I still drive him a bit crazy with my hyper "lets get to work" love of manual labor and lack of filter when it comes to talking in public but he doesn't mind it....... I think.

Back to Anna.......  she was running around the house this afternoon singing "oh God help me do good things."   She sang it over and over and over and over and over again.
The funny thing though was that the WHOLE time she was singing "oh God help me do good things" she was running around doing things she shouldn't be doing.  Like running through the house, slamming doors and locking her brother in the bedroom.

I grabbed the camera to document the cRaZy spunky child in action.

Lord help the man who decides to marry her.
I guess he'll have to get a few pointers from Roger on how to tame her.

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