Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And Thus It Begins

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30am.
I took a quick shower.
Dried my hair (haven't done that all summer)
Threw on my mom shorts.
Got the kids fed and dressed.
Piled everyone into our new mom wagon. (thanks nanna and pop)
And headed to Paul's first day of kindergarten.

We could barely get him to stand still he was so excited.
He just wanted Roger, Anna and I to LEAVE so he could get started with his learning!
The child is SO EXCITED to learn.
I guess I have done a GREAT job of passing on my passion for knowledge to my little dude!
I'm so proud of him!

After dropping Paul off, Anna declared, from the back seat, our agenda for today....
"Mommy we are first going to go to the park to play together, then you are going to take me to the library so we can pick out some new books, and after that we are going to........." 

I interrupted her...
"wow. slow down there Anna girl. First we need to go home so mommy can eat breakfast. I haven't gotten to do that yet this morning"

While I was eating my breakfast, so happy with the way the morning was going, I began to feel tears trickling down my face.  Before I knew it I was bent over in the fetal position with Anna leaning over my shoulder "what's wrong mommy?"

Later this morning my oh so ROMANTIC husband brought this hydrangea to me, along with a thinking of you card and a roll of peanut butter cookie dough.

I guess he knew that I was bluffing earlier this morning when I was all smiles and no tears.

he's a good man and he is ALL MINE!!!

After the small tearful moment, Anna and I made our way to the local park, then to the public library.
The child has smiled ALL MORNING long.
She LOVES being the center of attention.

However, while I was putting her in her car seat at the library at 11:15am she said 
"mommy can we go pick Paul up yet?"
"not yet baby. he still has school."
"but mommy, he's my brother."

I guess Anna was bluffing too.
She does in fact miss her big brother!

It is now 1:44pm and I can NOT believe how time has flown by today.
At 2:30pm I'll be leaving with little Anna to pick Paul up from school.

I have a sneaky suspicion that he is going to be EXHAUSTED and in NEED of a few warm peanut butter cookies.

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  1. You're such a great mom! Keep having fun with them!