Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seminary Starts Back

And thus it begins.


Roger starts back THIS week.

I have mixed feelings about it since this is his LAST year (last 2 semesters) of a 90 hour program.

I am so excited about graduation.  I am going to be such a proud wife when he walks across that stage!

He's been attending full time since Paul was 2 years old.

Paul is now 6.

Not only is he taking a FULL LOAD but he is attempting to take a CPE in Louisville on Mondays.

Gotta have those CPEs!

Since we have moved, campus is 2 hours away, therefor twice a week he is going to be driving 2 hours there, taking a FULL day of classes, then driving 2 hours home, getting home a little after 11pm.

Then on one day he will be in Louisville doing his CPE.

I get so nervous about him driving so much of the parkway.
Last semester he hit a deer.  It was REALLY bad.  We lost our car.

I have NO CLUE how the women who have their husbands stationed somewhere else in the country do it.  I think I would cry every night.

For 3 nights a week I am going to be a single mother.

Taking care of 2 children is EXHAUSTING.


Did I mention that they OUT NUMBER me?

We have a friend who is a single mother to two adopted girls. She does it on her own, always has.  She adopted the girls as a single woman.  I can't begin to tell you how much respect I have for her for doing that.  How does she do it????  How does she take care of two children all by herself all of the time and still remain sane?  That's what I want to know!

She is on the look out for a good husband so if anyone is interested let me know!!!

Anyway, I am frightened of Roger going back to seminary but I am trying my best to suck it up and put my big girl pants on.  I've just really had a wonderful time this summer having a husband instead of someone I cohabitate with and occasionally see while passing through the hall!!! 
 It's been nice!
It's been nice having that time to get to know each other all over again with out the stress of SEMINARY.  

It's probably not going to be as bad as I THINK it is going to be but then again...... it probably will.

While he's sitting in a lecture on some topic of great interest and sipping a latte' I'll be cleaning up after the dinner I burnt cooked and bathing children.
Kinda seems a LITTLE bit unfair doesn't it?
Just a little bit?

I have been preparing for this semester by having back up plans.
I have plenty of people in the church and community that I can reach out to on those days when I want to pull my hair out!  On those days where my arms and back hurt so bad from the house chores and tending to the kids.  On the days my heart medicines don't seem to be working and I can't manage to get enough oxygen through my body.

That gives me comfort knowing that I am within a 3 min drive of at least two people that have offered to help out on those days.  And one of those people is a NURSE!!!!

Lord knows living with a heart condition AND trying to take care of two high energy children can be a bit tricky when you are left all by yourself.
But that's another blog.
I try my best to go to the fitness center every other day to work on the cardio to help my heat out a bit but when your heart muscle is so weak that it needs a pacemaker you really can't do too much.  But the exercise really has helped me keep up with the kids more!!  That and my new medicine and the power aid and the iron pills!

Ok, know I am rambling and I best get off  of here.
Roger gave BOTH the kids baths, read them BOTH a book and put them BOTH to bed while I typed out this blog.
I'm tellin' ya people, I have found me a keeper!!!   
Don't touch..... He's all MINE!  :-)


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