Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm a grandma...... to a 3 years olds plastic doll.

At this time everyday I tend to say to myself after I have put Anna down for a nap "WOW i can't believe it is already 1:30pm."

The days seem to go by SO FAST between the hours of 6:30 am and 3pm.

The school days haven't been as bad as I thought they were going to be. I had in my head that getting Paul up THAT EARLY to be fed, dressed and at school by 7:50am was going to be very difficult. It has actually turned into a routine that I treasure. 

We get him up a little before 7am, put him on the couch, turn on all the lights, turn on some music and he wakes up while I eat breakfast.  Once he is fully awake I sit with him at the table listening to him talk about any and everything. (such a wonderful way to start the morning!) Then we brush teeth, get him dressed and I send him out the door by 7:40 with Roger.  
he was quite excited about wearing his Beatles shirt

At which point I go hop in the shower, dress myself, and enjoy a small coffee or tea while I do my morning devotional before little miss Anna gets up.  

She tends to wake up a little after 8:30am.

The rest of the morning is spent playing with taking care of Anna!

She is right at that magic age (3) where her imagination has taken off.

This morning she decided it was her daughter's birthday and insisted that we make a cake out of play-dough.  Then, being Anna, she said we just HAD to have real candles on the birthday cake.

her daughter was misbehaving so Anna had to calm her down

Anna's daughter's birthday party

she had to help her daughter blow out the candles

cutting the playdough birthday cake for us all

She insisted that I get a birthday picture with my "granddaughter."

Once the playdough birthday cake was cut Anna was very adamant that we document the cake eating.

My naked granddaughter Leeessseeee 
She decided to get her princess camera out as well to document the party!

"Mom would you like me to take a picture of you feeding your granddaughter her birthday cake?!?!"

my daughter feeding her daughter

I'm a grandma!
Anna got her daughter a book for her birthday!  How sweet!
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After the party we played trains, watched the rain, ate lunch and went for a MASSIVE walk through downtown Etown.  When we got back from the walk we cuddled up on the couch for our daily book reading time. 

yet another routine that I CHERISH!!

Right now Anna is napping (sort of) in her room while I get to enjoy some alone time before the afternoon rush.
Paul gets home a little after 3, we have a snack together and then the kids run WILD through the house and yard while I frantically chase after them until Roger gets home. 

By 6pm I am so tired I can't feel my face but I am always very happy that I got to spend yet another day playing with taking care of Paul and Anna.

This child rearing phase of our lives is so exhausting but also so fun and rewarding!

These kids keep us on our toes but they also keep us giggling ALL DAY LONG.

I found Anna licking the wall. I asked her why she was licking the wall. 
She said there was peanut butter on it. 
I asked her how peanut butter got on the wall and she said that she put it there yesterday.

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