Friday, August 5, 2011

I am currently very near a melt down. I am exhausted and the kids are VERY excited about life.  All I have heard the past 3 hours is this...

Mom can I have a glass of water?
Mom can you help me put this dress on?                 
Mom can you play this game with me?
Mommy can you read this book to me?
Mom I need help to wipe my butt?
Mom Anna is ripping up my book?
Mom can I go outside to ride my bike?
Mom I have decided that I don't want to wear this can you change my clothes?
Mom watch me do this trick?
Mom Paul will not leave me alone I want to be alone?
Mom I don't like this dinner?
Mom I want to wear the kind of jammies that Paul is wearing!
Mom Anna hit me with a toy?
Mommmy, Paul is yelling in my ear.
Mom can I have a gummy snack?  WHY NOT?  but I'm HUNGRY MOM!
Mom guess what I can do!
Mom,What is that noise?  what kind of insect? what does that insect do? 
Mom Anna is wearing my jammies.
Mom can you stop Anna from destroying my toy?

It has seriously been NON STOP.  My brain is hurting and I just want to sit still with the house QUIET.
When I have given my full attention to one question another question comes rolling off of the other child's tongue.  My eyes are crossing.

I miss the baby phase.
I miss the days when I could easily entertain them with a bottle of warm milk, a nice clean diaper and a lovely stroll through the neighborhood. 

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