Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Ol' Farm Wedding

Well, it has happened. Both of my brothers are married off. How strange is that? We are all married.  It seems so unreal to even think about. I wonder how my parents feel? They are completely finished with the child rearing part of their lives. We are all gone. They are officially empty nesters.  It feels so strange to think about.

Yesterday my brother Jacob got marred to a lovely girl he met in college, Shannon. They actually met when she was placed as his tutor on campus. She is a sweet and beautiful girl that is head over heals for my brother. 

The wedding was on the family farm. 

I LOVED that my whole family pitched in to make the farm "wedding ready".  Barns were painted, grass was cut, hay was bailed and stacked, a tent was put up and decorated,a camper was brought for the girls to change in, signs were made, Roger prepared the service and even my inlaws were there to DJ and help with the kids. Everything came together so nicely and it was so touching to see my massive family all together having a big ho down on the farm!

The ceremony was beautiful.  


My husband was the minister! It was nice to see him up there marrying Jacob and Shannon.  We jokingly laughed about how he has married my whole family: my brothers and me. He is officially the family minister. He was even the minister at my grandpa's funeral.

After the ceremony we all went back to the tent to enjoy some yummy Soney's BBQ.  I'm telling ya. Soney's BBQ did a GREAT job catering. 

Once the wedding cake was cut, the first and last dances complete, the garter and flowers thrown, the real party started.  My brother got a keg of octoberfest, red and white wine and brought a Singleton Scotch for the family to enjoy.  Most of my family lives within walking distance of the farm so we all just let loose and had a Thacker Style Ho Down!  There were no walls to hold up so the family members that didn't fancy a good dance decided to hold the hay up instead.  It cracked me up to see them all over by the roll bales, standing in a straight line as if it were a wall. 

I, however, danced to my hearts content.

If you know my husband you know that he doesn't care much for dancing. I on the other hand LOVE to dance.  I did a lot of group dancing, danced with some grooms men, danced with both of my brothers and even danced with the lovely bride.  Every now and then I managed to pull Roger up on the dance floor for a Taylor Swift song but he mainly held up the hay. 

I must say that my aunt Carlotta, my sister Shelbie and I by far had the best dance moves. Well, that is if you see dancing as kind of a jumping with your hands thrown up in the air while your feet kinda kick out to the side!  Yep. We were pretty awesome.

I even got to dance with my Mawmal!  

Mawmal has a specific dance move that she loves "just pretend like you are boxing!" she screamed out to me as she started punching in my general direction.  I quickly picked up the mawmal dance of punching your arms out while you shake your bum.  

You learn something knew every day!

In all seriousness, it was wonderful to be with my big, crazy, complicated family on the big beautiful family farm. It was nice to be together to celebrate a new family entering the big one. The last time we all came together was very emotional, Pawpal had passed away. I know we have all deep down been mourning that loss in our own ways. 

A couple of months before the wedding my Mawmal went out to the field that the wedding was going to be on, and sprinkled Pawpal's ashes. I know that was probably hard for her. That was the love of her life. She shared many many years, good and bad, with that man. Together they brought 7 beautiful children into this world, and 18 grandchildren came from that.

My brother Jacob wanted Pawpal at his wedding and he was!  He was there!  Sprinkled all over that alfalfa field just like Pawpal wanted!  

After the wedding I looked down at my brother's wrest and saw that he was wearing pawpal's watch.

Congratulations to the happy couple! 
Welcome to the family Shannon!

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