Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Miss Sassy

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting.

I went to my parents' house on wednesday and I didn't leave until sunday night.  I ended up getting even sicker on saturday and was "forced" to camp out another night so they could help with the kiddos while I slept and Roger went to work.

Sunday evening I started feeling a bit better and made myself go outside to play with the kids in the leaves. My parents have a MASSIVE amount of tress in their yard so I made a huge pile of leaves for Anna, Paul and I to jump in. At one point I looked over to find Anna with her pants off, standing in the leaves. "Anna sweetie, what are you doing their with your naked butt?"  She smiled real big and said "I'm going to pee in the leaves!!!!"  I made a mad dash, grabbed her and ran like a crazy person through my parents house to the bathroom.

Paul had a great time hiding under the leaves and popping out to scare the dogs.

Sunday night after a yummy dinner I drove the kids home as Roger was driving home from Etown. We almost got to winchester at the same time!!

Monday I decided to FINALLY take myself to the doctor.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE going to primary care physicians?  well, I HATE it.  They never listen to me. they just assume that I have the same thing everyone else has, give me horrible samples that cause me horrible side effects and write me super expensive prescriptions because they get a kick back from the medicine people for doing so.  I might be making up the last part but I have a feeling that they get paid to give me those horrible meds.

I have been having horrible stomach pains for years. I have tried EVERYTHING (gas meds, acid reducers, mylanta, prescriptions, changed my diet.......) and nothing seems to help.  There are times when I am in so much pain I think hard about rushing off to the hospital.  Something isn't right in there.

Does my primary care dud listen to me?  Hummmmmm NOOOO  He walks in, pushes on my stomach a little, listens to half of what I am trying to say before cutting me off and then hands be a prescription "you have acid reflux and irritable bowl" before walking out into the hall.  I wanted to yell out "listen dude. I have been diagnosed with that since I was 16 and all this crap medicine you keep stuffing in my face isn't working. It has gotten pretty bad and I need some help."

Of course, I just smiled and gave the nurse he sent in a "humm are you sure?"  and then left the clinic feeling the need to reach across the counter, choke the receptionist and take back my copay.

This is what I hate about health care.

I am sick but I can't manage to get a doctor to listen to me. ya see. I could go back, pay ANOTHER copay, tell him the meds aren't working and are giving me HORRIBLE headaches.  He'll probably try another medicine, it wont work, I'll pay another copay to let him know that it doesn't work and then he'll send me to the hospital to get some tests that will come back clear like always and I will be left with a MASSIVE amount of bills and still a sick stomach.

So, I give up.

No wonder why people go to the herbal/holistic way.  I walk into the whole foods store, describe my symptoms and they take the time to listen, figure out ways to help and talk to me about over the counter supplements and eating habits that will help.  perfect!

 Oh and it gets on my nerves when the doctor prescribes the MOST EXPENSIVE MEDICINE.  What the heck??

Shall we change the subject?

Monday afternoon, while I was cleaning up the basement I FINALLY found the cord to our old camera. I ran upstairs, grabbed paul and let him watch the video of me in the hospital on the day he was born, bringing him home from the hospital and the first few months of his life.  It was so sweet watching him watch his little baby self! I also couldn't help but think back to the fact that we had him in college. While all the other college students were worrying about meaningless things, we were in our cozy little home playing with our adorable little baby boy!!

Tuesday, today, has been pretty awesome. The kids and I have had a wonderful time playing. They enjoy "hiding" from me as I walk around pretending I am a monster.

Anna refused to put clothes on this afternoon so I drew a face on her belly. Her nipples were the eyes, her belly button was the mouth and I drew a nose in the middle.  It cracked me up to see her running around the house in her underwear, with this funny looking face drawn on her chest.   Oh the simple things that give me joy!

This morning as I walked into the living room I yelled out "hey, lets take our books back to the library and get some new ones!"  We do this at least once a week.  Anna looked at me in her little sassy way and said "WONDERFUL!!!  Let me grab my purse!"  I about fell in the floor with laughter.  She then strutted her way to the library.

Once there, I sat in the library chair reading and talking to the librarian while Anna sat at my feet "reading"all the books she had discovered. Listening to her "read" is rather hilarious and beats watching SNL.

Paul got lost in the shelves as he always does!  He is mesmerized by the children's books that describe how things work and stays in that section the WHOLE time.  He is also DETERMINED to learn spanish.  I keep reminding him that mommy took 3 years of Latin and daddy took 3 years of french.  He doesn't care. He thinks we know spanish and are keeping it from him. I helped him find some spanish books today. Maybe I should get him some sort of kid program!

Ta Ta


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