Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Invasion

We have invaded my parents' house.

My whole little family of four and my little brother's family of two have taken over my parents five acres. Currently there are 8 people chilling out, watching the leaves change colors while Dad makes us ribs on the grill. Roger and I have even taken the opportunity to go on two dates. WOW two whole dates!!

I think we are all under a lot of stress and have decided to run back home for refuge. That's completely fine with me but I bet my empty nest parents are like "umm you are raised little birdies, go fly." 

The kids, even though I have gotten some help with them, are driving me nuts. They are both at difficult stages in life and with the big move coming up, they can feel the pressure. Plus, Paul is sick and super cranky while Anna is in the terrible two "I WANT THAT NOW" stage. 

Roger and I went to the movies yesterday to watch Life as We Know it.  It was an OK movie. A nonthinking kinda movie that is sometimes helpful when you have been thinking way too much. When it was over I looked to Roger and said "gosh they tried to make parenthood look hard but they kinda made it look fun."  Then a light bulb went off in my head "parenthood is fun! But HOLY CRAP is it hard." 

Yesterday morning my sister-in-law was babysitting a little 3 month old baby girl. I've kinda been having a little bit of baby fever because, well, man alive, babies are so darn cute and they have that fresh to the world baby sent. Anyway, I was holding the little baby thinking "oh, I want another little baby. look how precious," when all of a sudden my two year old decided she wanted to be held too and started to cry for me to snuggle her. As I was sitting there holding two little girls, I was cured of my baby fever. All the late night screaming, bottle feedings, dragging diaper bags everywhere, being thrown up on, all came rushing back in this big bundle of stress.  Yep. I am glad I am out of the baby thing.  Paul was Anna's age when I gave birth to Anna. Yep. A two year old and a new little baby = WHAT WAS I THINKING HOLY CRAP.

There is a reason why babies come out so sticking adorable. If they came out a temper throwing two year old or a know it all 5 year old that enjoys whining about everything, there would be no more people in the world.  Adam and Eve had their parenting woes....I mean, heaven forbid, one of their sons killed the alive talk about sibling rivalry.

And here I am sitting in my parents' house, typing on their computer, drinking their tea and enjoying their yummy breakfast.  Yep!  When you become a parent it sticks with you until you die.  I will always run to them when I am in need and my sweet little demanding children will always run to me when they are in need. Such is life.  It goes on and on and on and on and on.  Just grab a chocolate bar and hold on tight.

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