Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Mommy Kinda Break Down

I had a mommy break down today. What is a mommy break down?  I thought you would never ask.

WEll, let me explain a mommy break down.

A mommy break down is a time in which we mommies melt into a puddle of anxiety, frustration and tears as a result of a combination of extreme exhaustion and super hyper/naughty children.

Paul and Anna both woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. They were at each others throats ALL MORNING. All of my attempts to have peace in the house were not working. I felt trapped and had no clue what to do. I have no family or friends near by so when I feel trapped I FEEL TRAPPED.

I called my husband around 1pm "When do you think you'll be home this afternoon?  Why? Umm because when you get back I am leaving. I gotta get out of here NOW!"  

Later in the afternoon as I was loading the children into the stroller (I figured I could push them around the block while they screamed and I cried) Roger pulled up. I slung the stroller at him "you take your children" then I jumped in the car and headed for the field.  I walked several miles before heading back home.

When I got home I noticed that my lovely husband had taken the kids to the park. I was ALONE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!   I got so giddy!

I ran upstairs jumped in my bed, read until I fell asleep and then woke up when I heard the hot hunk of a husband walk in the door with our two beautiful children. I felt so at peace!  Then I heard Anna start screaming at Paul and Paul start screaming at Roger.  I rolled back over and tried to drown out the noise with my pillow. When I discovered that the fighting was not going to stop I decided "I am going to get myself a blizzard!"

And I did!   FYI the pumpkin pie blizzard is the blizzard of the month and it is delicious.  Also, you can get the mini version of the blizzard for 1.99.  Pretty sweet deal!

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