Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitting Projects

I had written a post awhile back about how excited I was that the knitting season is here!  Well, let me tell ya, I am having a blast this season!

In the knitting seasons of the past I concentrated on one big project. As a result both of my children and my husband have hand knitted blankets made by me.  This year, however, I wanted to focus on small projects for lots of people.  My goal was to make mittens.

Although I have been an avid knitter since the 6th grade, when I made my first pillow, I must admit that I have never tried to make mittens.  This goal of mitten making has turned out to be a bit of a challenge.

First I had to learn how to knit using the magic loop method.  That was a bit tricky for me but once I got the hang of it I couldn't help but fall in love with the method.

Second, I had to figure out how to make a thumb gusset for my mitten.  Boy oh boy did that thumb gusset drive me crazy but I have finally gotten the hang of it. FINALLY

Are you interesting in learning how to knit?  I have a couple of great sites and networks for you.

Knit Picks is a great place to start. They have video tutorials for just about everything and plenty of patterns.

Sarah Bees Little Yarn Shop is a wonderful place here in Winchester Kentcucky to buy knitting products or to learn how to knit. Sarah offers knitting classes and also has an open door policy where you are free to come buy the shop, pop a squat on one of her couches and knit.  She is a wonderful resource for me. Not only is she an avid knitter but she is a young mother to 3 little boys. Her husband is a youth minister at a local church and a seminary student. We share a lot of things in common.  She is super sweet and LOVES to help people knit!

Ravelry is an online knitting and crochet community. They even celebrate my favorite holiday...Knit in Public Day!!!   This is a great source for some free patterns. It is also nice to have some encouragement from fellow knitters!  LOVE IT!

And also if you want to start knitting or you have already been knitting for a while but want some company, you are always welcome at my home. A few weeks ago I had a young middle school girl over for a Saturday full of knitting. She wanted to learn how to knit fingerless gloves.  Between going to see Sarah Bee and chilling on my couch for a couple of hours, she managed to complete her first knitting project. As a result she LOVES TO KNIT!!

I couldn't end this blog without sharing my work!  

I read in a knitting book that after you have knitted so many rows that you should sit back and admire your work while you say to yourself "wow, I did a great job!"  I do that all the time. It drives my husband CrAzY.

Knitting my first mitten
 Trying the mitten on before finishing the fingers and thumb

My first complete mitten! 

I made Paul a pair of wool mittens.

Paul LOVES his mittens! 

The green diamond scarf I made with beads on the tassels.

 Showing off the scarf! This would look pretty awesome with a black winter coat!


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