Sunday, October 10, 2010

Being a Pastor's Wife

As I sit here at my breakfast table at 6am on a Sunday morning I can't help but think "why oh why am I up so early on a Sunday and why oh why have I given up caffeine"  

I am up early because I am a pastor's wife and we have to be at the church no later than 9:30am with two small children in tow. Getting to church with two little ones is a chore in a half and when you add the cranky/half awake element, it is like someone asking me to eat nails for breakfast. I'd just rather not.  

The church is 2 hours away because we haven't been able to move down there yet.  Long story there but we should be moving within the next couple of weeks.

I opened my inbox and found a great article from Amber about the role of pastor's wives.  It was really interesting. Take a look at it by clicking the link.

It made me realize how lucky I am to be in a church that doesn't make me feel as if I need to be someone that I'm not. There are people in the church that really care about our little family and for that I am truly grateful!

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