Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Most Perfect Job On The Planet

As a stay-at-home mother I have my life super scheduled.  

Every week I do the same thing at the same time. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, story time, snack time, potty time, bath time, play time, nap time, dance time, game time, laundry time, clean the house time, go to the park time, go to the library time, church time, movie time, special adventure time, wash the dishes time, play group time, mommy/daddy time, go for a walk time, bed time............. it goes on and on.  

Children LOVE being on a schedule.  They THRIVE when they know what to expect each day, each hour, each second!  At least my children do. 

If I were completely honest I would let you know that I thrive on a strict schedule as well but I am not completely honest.

To get to the point at hand.

Today was laundry day!!!!  HIP HIP HORRAY!! 

Believe it or not Laundry day is a happy time in our house.

After breakfast Anna and I sort out the clothes together. She mostly sits in the dumped out laundry basket talking jibber Jabber to me but she giggles the whole time and I just LOVE that.

 Once the laundry is sorted both Anna and Paul take turns putting loads in the washing machine. I am in charge of the soap but they do the rest. Paul even knows which buttons to push to turn the thing on.

While the loads are washing we play, play, play.  Today we played hopscotch outside and played in the sand box.  It was such a beautiful day!

I also started knitting Anna Catherine's mittens for winter. I finished Paul's yesterday and he LOVES them! However, I have had to remind him that they are not for boxing. He thinks they are boxing gloves and that I am super awesome for making him super hero boxing gloves.

Since I was doing the laundry I decided while the kids were napping to get out the winter clothes and put up the summer clothes.  

WEW what a task.  

I had my clothes and two little people's clothes to juggle.  

When Anna woke up from her nap, saw all her winter clothes in the drawer she yelled out in excitement "YAY MOMMY YAY"  Then she came running up to me with her arms stretched out in a hug and said "you're my girl!!!"  I fell in love with her all over again!  That little girl has stolen my heart so many times.

When Paul woke up, saw his snow boots he immediately put them on. It was a great fashion statement; shorts, t-shirt and snow boots.  He then smiled at me REALLY big, "OH THANK YOU MOMMY THANK YOU!!!"  

As he was walking out the door he turned around and said in his serious big boy voice "These boots are NOT made for walking."  

I tried very hard to hide my massive giggles. It didn't work. He heard me.

He poked his head back in the door and said "they are made for FLYING!!! THESE (pointing at his boots) are my ROCKET BOOTS!"  Then he pretended to fly down the hall.

I love that boy!

I love how at the end of my "work" day I feel that I have accomplished so much!  

I have taken care of our beautiful children and I have worked at making our lovely house a warm, loving home. I haven't found anything that feels better than that.  Well, ice cream with peanut butter feels pretty good. I will admit that!

Sometimes being a stay-at-home mother is absolutely exhausting and drains the life out of you but days like today make it seem like the most perfect job on the planet.  

And YAY!!  I have all the laundry done, the summer clothes up and the winter clothes out! 


So, I have been on an old home video kick. Roger and I are putting them all on dvd. Here is a video of when we first brought Anna home on up until the present.

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