Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week From Hell

I do not know how I haven't lost my mind. I mean, I really should have already lost it. I kinda feel like I could at any minute. Actually, to be honest, the only thing that is keeping me from going crazy is the Lord's Prayer. I just keep saying it over and over and over again. When I feel the anxiety boiling up in my chest...Lord's Prayer. When I feel the tension head ache.....Lord's Prayer.  When I feel the tears starting to fill my eyes...Lord's Prayer. 

My mother said it best "honey, you have had the week from hell."  Yep, I sure have

Sunday- throwing up sick all day

Monday-water heater busted and flooded the basement of the house we are trying to sell

Tuesday -I had class and had to catch up on my reading while tending to sick kids and a sick me

Wednesday - I spent ALL MORNING in a doctors office with two sick kids crawling all over a sick me. Then I found out that afternoon that our health insurance has Paul's birthday wrong so I had to pay full price for Paul's meds. 

Wednesday afternoon I packed my car full of the essentials (kids, clothes, body wash) and headed to my parents' house.  I needed to have a change of venue. Turns out that the change has helped boost the children's energy. I am running around my parents' house like a crazy.  Oh and Anna is throwing 2 year old temper tantrums in a BIG way.    

It took me FOREVER to get dressed this morning. I got in the shower...had to jump out because Paul had diarrhea all over himself.....jumped back in the shower....Anna had diarrhea all over herself...jumped back out.  I finally got a shower but then had to run back and forth through the house dealing with the kids while I attempted to put clothes on. Anna has taken a fancy to kicking the walls and smacking me when she doesn't get her way.

I am still so very sick. I look like a ghost my face is so pale. All the color is gone.  I just need a day or two to chill out on the couch, taking care of  my sick body, but anyone who has children knows that when you are sick you just have to suck it up and take care of the world.   It is pretty miserable being sick and taking care of two little ones.  Note that I took the kids to the doctor but haven't managed to take myself to the doctor. That is called MOTHERHOOD. Children first. Yourself last, if ever.

Roger is working on his sermon all day today and then he is going to drive down to my parents house this afternoon to help. He isn't feeling too hot either. It is the Jasper Plague of 2010.  HORRID. Is this sickness ever going to end? Am I ever going to be able to chill on the couch and have someone take care of ME? Are the kids going to constantly be fighting?  When they don't feel good they are at each other ALL DAY. 

boy oh boy.  If I hadn't spent a massive amount of money on my new pacemaker, the new water heater and the property taxes I would suggest we go on a family vacation.   Maybe one day I'll get to sleep in, sip a latte' and read a novel. Right now, however, I am in the child rearing stage of life and completely exhausted.

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