Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anna Catherine

Alright!  I just have to share these stories because they cracked me up.

Anna was in the bathroom sitting on her little potty. Roger opened the door to check on her.  When he opened the door he found Anna standing up, completely clothed, with the round pad thing of her toilet seat around her arm.  She looked up at him, smiled and said "ok, I'm ready to go swim!"  She had it around her arm like it was her inter-tube that she was planning on taking to the local pool to float on. R

Yet another Anna story:
We were driving in the car a couple of weeks ago, just Me, Paul, Roger and Anna.  WE were headed to a little family adventure that we take once a week, having a crazy conversation that you tend to have with a 2 year old and 5 year old.  
Anna looked straight at Roger and said "puppies smell."  
Roger said "yeah? what do they smell like?"  
Anna said "like puppies."  
Roger said "what do puppies smell like?"   
Anna smiled real big and said "LIKE POOP!"   

I think she is on a "that smells like poop" kick because yesterday morning she climbed up in my lab while I was drinking some hot tea, took a smell of my tea and said "wew, your tea smells like POOP."  I guess I need to get on to her for that don't I?  but my precious little girl is CRACKING ME UP.

Just one more story:
I was driving back from chapel on monday and heard Anna in the back of the car say "Knock. Knock"  So I said "who's there?"
Anna said "Banana!"
I said" banana who?"
She said "Banana Anna?" then giggled really really hard.
Paul then learned over in his booster seat and said "yeah, that was a good one Anna, that sure was a good one!"

And that ladies and gentleman is why I am a stay at home mother. I worked too hard to bring these precious lives into the world to miss these precious, hilarious moments! 

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