Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Days

The past couple of days have been wonderful!!

Wednesday after reading group at the library Paul, Anna and I met up with some friends at the park for a play date. Sitting in the grass under the trees chit chatting with other moms while the kids run around like a bunch of wild children is always a wonderful and relaxing time.

Thursday Roger worked from home. It was raining pretty much all day so the kids and I had a lazy day of couches, books and pirates. During his lunch break Roger came downstairs to watch the kids while I went for a long walk on the farm. That afternoon we enjoyed yummy potato soup before having a  spontaneous water war with the water hose.  Kids verses Parents. Once we were all completely soaked we rushed inside to warm up. Anna and I got a bubble bath while Roger and Paul warmed up with the heat pad.  Once we got the kids to bed at 8pm Roger and I watched a classic movie...The Burbs with Tom Hanks.  I even got a chance to knit on the mittens I am making myself for winter.

Today, Friday, has also been great. This morning I not only got my morning devotional and cup of tea before the kids got up, but I also got a chapter read in my text book for class.  YAY!!  At 10am the kids and I went for a play date on a beautiful farm. Our friends have 80 cows, 4 dogs and 4 Thoroughbred Race Horses. We got to check on the cows, feed and love on the horses, chase the dogs, explore the property and watch the kids play with the simple toys of a stick, bucket and walnut. After lunch we put the kids down for a nap and roger and I rushed around and cleaned the entire house!  The laundry is almost done as well!!  YAY! This afternoon the kids and I are going to bake cookies after dinner and snuggle up for a movie!

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