Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jessica's no good very bad day

By 10 pm yesterday (tuesday) I had cleaned the whole house, bathed two children, fixed and cleaned up breakfast and lunch, walked the kids to the park to play, read them 3 books, placed them down for a nap, got them up from a nap with a snack ready, ate dinner and went to my 4th semester class at seminary.  WUW

That is after having the most horrid day of my life on Monday.

We had dropped the kids off with the grandparents on Thursday (aug 26) to try our best to enjoy some peace before the storm (class started monday aug 30)

We went to the woods.

We got covered in seed ticks and chiggers.

GREAT! My legs look and feel HORRIBLE.

After spending all day Saturday at seminary orientation and all day Sunday at church, on Monday morning I headed down to pick up the kids. My plan was to get them, feed them lunch, drive them home and finish the house chores that I didn't get done over the weekend.

That plan didn't work out.

As I was loading the kids' car seats in the car from the grandparents car I happened to look at my right back tire.  IT WAS COMPLETELY FLAT.

I walked back in the house and declared "I need a moment before I deal with this"  Then I walked in the kitchen and got a cupcake.

A guy they new came over and bumped my tire up so that I could drive it to his shop to get the hole plugged. Once I got to the shop they informed me that the hole was too big to be plugged and that I needed to go to Big-O-Tires to get them to look at it.

I drove to Big-O-Tires, sat for an hour while they looked at the tire and checked the air in the others. They then declared "mam, the tire looks as if it has been plugged already and it isn't leaking"  I responded "Really? well, they said that they put a plug in it but that it wouldn't hold because the hole was too big. are you sure?"

I made them look at it again because I didn't think that they understood that there was a plug placed into the hole but that it was still leaking and therefor either needed to be patched or a tube placed.

An hour later "mam, it looks good. they must of fixed it."

I got in the car and drove away perplexed.

Half way down the road the bell went off in my brain "I told them to look at the WRONG tire." I had been telling them to check the front passenger tire when in fact the flat was the back passenger tire. I AM AN IDIOT.

So, I drove it to wal-mart "listen I don't want to look like an idiot and go back to Big-O-Tires so, do you all do tubes?"  The answer was no.

I drove back to Big-O-Tires.

They had shut the garage doors and the main man was about to lock the front doors.

It was 5:15pm

I ran up to the door like a complete idiot. "hey hey hey listen hey hey hey. I figured out the problem. I had been telling you the wrong tire. The front passenger tire was just patched about 2 weeks ago but the back passenger tire is the one that had the massive nail in it today. It is the one with the hole that needs fixed."

The guy looked at me and just yelled out "wait a second guys. We have one more."

Everyone looked confused.

The men in the garage started to grumble.

Then they see my car pull in "hey, is that the car we have already looked at twice?"

From 2pm to 5:30pm all of this took place.

I drove back to the grandparents house, walked in and was attacked by my children "mommy mommy mommmy. I need........."

I fed them a quick pb&j, loaded up the car and headed home.

The whole trip home consisted of Anna screaming about something followed by Paul screaming about something.

At one point Anna screamed out "I NEED TO PEEEEEEEEEE"   "honey we are almost home. Hold that pee in there. please hold it for mommy. don't pee on yourself. don't you want to wait and pee at your home in your little potty? your little potty misses you. hold that pee baby girl. HOLD IT."

When we got home around 8:30pm everyone wanted to eat AGAIN. So, I fixed something and tried my best to get them to bed. Paul went. Anna refused.

 I waited for Roger to get home from class at 10pm to help me get the stereotypical two year old to bed.

So, recap.

Monday= crazy tire day and Roger's first day of classes

Tueday= catch up on chores day and Jessica's first day of classes

Wednesday= Roger is gone all day and late in the afternoon to work in etown

I am a bit tired but doing alright.

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