Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Straight from Morocco

This weekend Roger and our whole church Family at Living Faith Baptist Fellowship, got the opportunity to meet and greet with several college students from Morocco. 

They have been traveling around for several days blessing America with their lovely voices, happy spirits and bongos.

Our church hosted the students over night, fed them a wonderful picnic lunch on Labor Day and got to enjoy a wonderful private concert.

I unfortunatly was unable to attend. I had a horrible cold that forced me to stay home with the kids

Here are some pictures from the day that Madge took.

Our church gave the students a hand carved nativity, made in kentucky, as a gift to remember us by.

The students gave our church a hand made bowl from Fes depicting the front gates of the city.

What a lovely day spent in fellowship!  

Meeting and greeting people from around the world!

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