Monday, September 27, 2010

I woke up this morning to a rainy, cold day.    


So,I did what any stay at home mother would do on a cold rainy Monday.  
After breakfast we headed to Monkey Joes.  

We all had a wonderful time bouncing, giggling and chasing each other.

While there I noticed up on the wall a sign that had a martini glass with a babies pacifier in it. I was curious as to what in the world that could be advertising.  I got closer to find out!  It was advertisement for a local moms group.  

How exciting!

We got back home around 1pm, ate lunch, read books and I snuggled the little ones up for a nap.   Once everyone and everything was calm in the old mansion, I made a mad dash for the computer to check out the moms group group.  

It looks AWESOME!   I joined.  I even joined the book club and have the book on hold at the library. 

Tips for today:  

Join the Momtini group, especially if you are a stay at home mother, for your sanity people! And take your kids to monkey joes to give your couch, that the kids tend to use as a bouncing thing, a break!


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