Friday, September 3, 2010


Some Highlights from life:

When I got home from class Tueday night Roger looked exhausted. I asked what happened and he informed me of the night. While he was in the restroom he heard Paul scream "anna bit me aaahhh"  Then he heard Anna scream "I'm going to bit you one...two...three.....TIMES  HA HA HA"  When he walked out he found Anna chasing Paul through the house trying to bite him while poor paul cried and screamed out "no Anna it is not nice to bite people. AAAAAHHHH no Anna no.  you hug and kiss people.  AAAAAHHHHH no no no that is not nice AAAAAAAH"   Paul has a big bite mark that has turned into a nasty bruise on his arm.  Later that night as Roger was trying to get them ready for bed anna kept running away from him saying "no you brush my teeth NO NO NO"  While Paul kept jumping into the towel closet "look I am playing hide-n-seek!!"   I just responded to the stories with "yep, that is why I am the professional momma and you are not!"

Roger and I were in Anna's room cleaning for the open house. We had to declutter while Anna was somewhere else in the house.  She doesn't like people in her room.  We had her radio on. we heard a knock on the door.  It was Anna.  "what you doing my room?"  I thought quick "we are having a DANCE PARTY!!! YAY"  we started to dance. She joined in!  Then we heard Paul yell up the stairs "ummmmmm MOMMY?  DADDY?"   I ran down the stairs to find him at the bottom, pointing to the door "someone rang our door bell and he just will not go away."  I looked outside and found one of our minister friends sitting on our porch swing, eating his lunch.  I guess he rang the bell, heard the music and decided to wait until we were finished.  I thought it was pretty funny!

The kids were super hyper and we were exhausted. I tried to think of fun little things for them to do but they didn't want to do any of them. So, I looked at Roger and declared "then we shall play hide-n-go-seek.  Boys verses Girls!"  Lights off, counting starts, girls hide.  It ended up being super fun!  Roger however took the game way too serious. There were several times I had to give up because I couldn't find him. "YA see this is what you look for in a good hiding place. you typically need......." Playing the game has helped teach Anna how to count to 10 and how to be quite.  Now I know that if I am out somewhere and she is super loud all I have to say is  "hide Anna!" and she will cover her eyes and mouth.  YAY 

.......more to come

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