Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A lesson learned?

I have a problem with sleeping until I absolutely HAVE TO get up. 

Since I am a "stay at home mother" my work day starts either when I want it to start or when my children yell "MOMMY THE SUN IS UP."   

I went for a while getting up VERY early, before the sun was up, to take a shower, clean and get a few minutes of precious alone time before the breakfast rush.

This winter it has been SO HARD for me to wake up before the kids demand that I drag myself to the kitchen to make them breakfast. 

I am fine when I do get up.  

I jump out of bed and start getting little people dressed "no Anna you CAN NOT wear your pink tights and ONLY your pink tights. WHy? because is is FREEZING cold.  Fine. Wear the pink tights but at least put a shirt on."  Then I manage to feed everyone, feed myself and get Paul and Roger out the door (roger drops paul at his preschool and I pick paul up at lunch).

Most mornings are pretty calm. We are a jolly little bunch in the mornings.  Anna LOVEs to say good morning!  "good morning to my family.... GOOD MORNING"  She'll keep repeating it until you say it back and then she'll start ALL OVER AGAIN  :)

However, at around 10am I look down, with my tea in hand, and see that I still have my jammies on.  (I know... such a rough life)  The question is why didn't I get up to shower before the kids got up. Now I am left at home alone with a two year old and I need to shower.....hmmmmmmmmm this is going to be tricky.

It happens every morning so I know the consequences of sleeping until the very last second yet I do it anyway.

When the kids were babies it was simple to shower. I put them in their car seats and sat them in the bathroom with me. If they cried I would start singing to them but most of the time they just sat in their little seats talking to themselves. Then they became mobil and showers became VERY adventurous. 

Today as I was attempting my shower anna came running in "Mommy! Mommy! I need to poop"
I poked my head out of the shower and pointed to her little step stool "well, quick, get the stool and put yourself on the toilet."   

As she was putting herself on the toilet I was thinking "we have reached a milestone! She is putting herself on the toilet! YAY this is AWESOME!"

She then yelled out "mommy wipe my butt."

I was in the shower still so I had to lean over, through the tub, at which point I knocked all the shampoo onto my little toes and stepped on some toy cars that paul had left in the tub from his bath, and grab the toilet paper with  my wet hand.

"yep, we still have a few more milestones to reach mss anna."

she looked up at me "mom, you are suppose to be taking care of me. TAKE CARE OF ME MOM."

With water dripping off of me and shampoo from my hair falling to the floor, I helped her put her pants back on.  

"I really need to start taking showers before the kids get up."

I wonder if I have learned my lesson yet and will get up early tomorrow?

probably not.

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