Friday, February 11, 2011

Independent 2 year old

Anna Catherine is quite the character. Everyday with her is a MAJOR adventure and a MAJOR test of my patience. 

I seriously have to mentally prepare for the day by having a quiet time before she gets up. Most mornings she hears me moving through the house and declares "I WANT TO GET UP MOM!" even if she is still super sleepy. 

She doesn't want to miss a single second of day light!

Today was Roger's "day off" but he really needed to get some reading done for class and visit a few people so I tried my best to enjoy my "day off."  

I decided to stay in my jammies as long as possible as a way of telling myself "this is your weekend."

When I finally did decide to take a shower around 10am Anna Catherine was in her super hyper "I want to rip the house apart because it is super fun" mood. 

"hummmmm" I thought to myself "how do I keep an eye on her and take a shower?"  I thought briefly about locking her in the bathroom with me (she still doesn't know how to unlock the doors) but then I remembered how much she LOVES getting into the bathroom cabinets and rubbing lotion all over herself, the floor and the wall.

I decided to have her take a shower with me.

Everything was working out just fine. I was taking a shower and while she played in the water.

Then I looked down to find her rubbing body wash ALL OVER HER HAIR.
"crap... I guess I am going to have to wash her hair."

So I washed her hair.

When my shower was complete she declared in a squeaky voice "i want a hot bath."

I filled up the bath water for her while I got myself dressed.

While she played in the hot water I took some time to snuggle on the couch to read.

about 10 min later little Anna came running bare bottomed into the living room.
"dry my hair mommy!"

As I was drying her hair I noticed that it was REALLY REALLY sticky.
"what did you do to your hair anna?"

Then I looked at the tub to find that she had emptied ALL of my special body wash (white tea and pearls) that I ONLY use every now and then. I guess she emptied the WHOLE thing into her hair.

"back into the bathtub anna.  I have to wash your hair out again."

emptied the old bath water

put new bath water in

washed her hair for the 3rd time

Now it is 11:45am and we are both FINALLY washed, dried, and dressed.


That was a really LONG shower adventure

but then again.....

everything takes a REALLY LONG time when you add a VERY independent 2 year old. 

I found a fellow stay at home mommy blogger having trouble keeping her little one dressed.  click here to read about her adventure in trying to keep her daughter dressed just like I am constantly fighting to keep anna dressed. :)  It is pretty funny!

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