Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Naked Stage

Anna has reached that delightful "I want to be naked all the time" stage in her development.

At 2 years and 8 months she has learned how to take her clothes off all by herself.

I love this age. The age between 2 years and 3 years old. 

Every second there is something hilarious going on.
It is like I am in a comedy club all day long.

Anna has finally started to catch on to the fact that if she doesn't do what I say I will put her in time-out but she is still trying test my parenting skills.

Yesterday she ran into the living room yelling "look at my butt!!"  Then she pulled her underwear down and began shaking her booty.  "Anna that is NOT how you are suppose to act. no one is to see that butt."  

Of course as soon as she pulled her pants back up, walked out of the room so sad that I wasn't excited to see her butt, I fell over laughing.  It was seriously hilarious.

A couple of weeks ago Roger and I were in our room talking when we heard crazy noises coming from the other side of the house. We walked into the living room to find Anna completely naked, jumping on the couch "hey guys! you want to see my exercises?  I am exercising!"  She then jumped from the couch, onto the floor, and began doing naked jumping jacks.


"Anna the next time you take your clothes off you are going to time-out. We don't let people see us naked."

This morning I walked out of the bathroom to find Anna bare bottomed with little yellow shoes on and a sweet shirt. She ran to the front door, opened it, and stepped outside on the front porch "ANNA CATHERINE" 

"but mommy I was checking the weather!"

Last night she was sitting on the couch in a shirt and a little pink toto. She got off of the couch, ran up to me in the kitchen and said "hey mom!! I don't have any underwear on!"  Then she pulled up her toto with this massive smile on her face 
"NO NO NO ANNA go get your underwear NOW"

I am trying to teach her to keep her clothes on but I am seriously getting a kick out of this stage.  She is so funny and her cute little voice cracks me up.

you never know when you'll see a naked two year old running through the house.

I keep comparing it to the two years I spent working at a state run psychiatric hospital. Every now and again we would get patients that we could never manage to keep them dressed. I remember this little old woman that would randomly walk out of her room naked and wonder up and down the halls. That little old woman would also wear these short little skirts with out any underwear and at breakfast she would stand in the middle of the unit and pull the skirt up.  

Being a stay at home mother is a lot like working as a mental health associate. 
You never know what your day will bring.

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