Monday, February 28, 2011


Paul and Anna have been playing together ALL MORNING........ NO FIGHTS AT ALL.  

They have giggled all morning long.  Running from Anna's room downstairs, to Paul's room upstairs.  Every now and again appearing in the living room dressed as "super heros"

When Paul woke up he asked "is it a school day or a Paul and Anna day!?!??!"

when I announced that it wasn't a school day he looked at Anna and they exchanged BIG smiles before running off to play!
"Come on friend! We are best friends!"

At one point they played kitchen and made me "soup" and "chips."   

I pretended to eat as they giggled.

Anna has however been so caught up in playing that she forgot to take a potty break.... TWICE.  Oh the pee clothes.  YUCK

I need to remind her in a little while to potty break...... Paul too.

I can't express to you how happy I am that they are playing SO WELL together!

I mean, the house is a massive toy blizzard but the laughter coming from the walls is so exhilarating.

Well, I better call them down in a bit so we can have our reading time before nap.

Maybe I'll let them play a little longer today :)

they are just being SO GOOD!

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