Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making Friends in Momma Land

   The most amazing thing happened to me today.  

You know those amazing things that you just KNOW that God had a hand in?   


After picking Paul up from preschool and feeding both of the kids lunch, I decided to take them over to the indoor playground to let them run off some steam. 

I packed me a goody bag just incase the kids started having so much fun that they didn't need me ( I know.... that NEVER happens)   I put my two knitting projects and my super awesome book in my "mommy fun" bag and we headed out the door.

As soon as we got to the indoor playground the kids made a mad dash to their desired areas and I popped a squat on a bench. 

I pulled my knitting out and began my "momma fun" time!

Then the momma beside me got finished breast feeding her little one and pulled something from her "momma fun" bag. 

It was a knitting project!

"WOW!!  are you knitting as well?!?!  This is awesome!!"

She then invited me to her knitting circle that meets every thursday, shared a few patterns with me and asked me to look her up on the online knitting community that we are both a part of!


Then two other mommas came in with their "momma fun" bags and what do ya know, they pulled out knitting projects as well!

So there I was, sitting with 3 other mommas, all working on our knitting projects, chit chatting about spinning yarn, while keeping one eye on our children.

I have found a community in which I am NOT the weirdo!!

This is awesome!

This past week I have made so many new momma friends and the kids have made so many little kid friends!

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  1. hey glad you joined us! Hope to see you again this Thursday!!