Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amazing Ada Grace

I can not contain my excitement!  

If you know my friend Amanda you know that all she has ever wanted in life is to be a mommy.

I remember the day that I got married her saying to me "you have to at least wait until I am married before you have babies."  I ended up getting pregnant with Paul 6 months after my wedding.

"UMMMM Amanda? I need to tell you something before everyone else finds out."
"you aren't pregnant are you?"
"ummmmm well ummmmm yeah."

Amanda was my wonderful maid of honor that had the glorious job of holding my wedding gown up while I peed.  I have a nervous bladder and what is more nerve wracking than getting married?

"Amanda?  I have to pee REALLY bad!" 
"you have to WHAT? You just put your wedding dress on."

A few years ago Amanda let us all know that her and her husband, Travis, were trying to have a baby. We were all so excited for the both of them. Especially since all Amanda ever talked about was being a mommy.  

But after several negative pregnancy tests Amanda knew something wasn't right.
You can  click here and here to read her emotional account of their story.

She was later declared infertile. 

It ripped at all of our hearts.

We all began to pray.

I remember mornings spent envisioning God (I pray in vision not word) placing a child within Amanda's womb, then anointing her with oil.

After months of MANY MANY MANY people praying, Amanda found out that she had a precious little gift from God within her.

click here to read her story about the day their prayers were answered.

All throughout her pregnancy people from all over have lifted up prayers. 
Prayers for a safe pregnancy. 
Prayers for a safe delivery. 
Prayers for a healthy child.

On Febuary 7, 2011 at 3:59 pm little Ada Grace was born.

This precious little girl doesn't know it yet, but she is a living testimony to the amazing power of God.

And to think that we BOTH have little girls that are only 2 years apart!!!

I am so excited about this wonderful journey called LIFE!

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  1. Jessica, I am sitting here sobbing. I never saw this post and I'm so blessed by it and you. Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend. This means more to me than you'll ever know. Love you!