Monday, February 21, 2011

Dirty Hair, Clean Teeth

I am plum tuckered out.


I just realized that it is almost 8:30pm and i STILL haven't taken a shower today.
However, I did brush my teeth so that is a big HIGH FIVE to me!

I am in some work out clothes instead of my jammies.

Roger left SUPER early this morning to get to class. As soon as he left I tried MY BEST to get back to sleep but as soon as I did I heard a little cry from the room next door.

Anna woke up with a bad dream.
I convinced her to sleep in bed with me for a little while but by 7am she was READY to get up.

At this point I need to add how nice it was to wake up with Anna in bed with me this morning. She woke me up by whispering "I love you mommy!" in my ear.

How Precious?

While I was getting breakfast made for Anna, Paul woke up. 


At that point I told myself I would take a shower when I put them down for a nap at 2pm instead of fighting to get a shower while they destroyed the house and each other.



60 degree weather. No sunshine but a nice 64 degrees.

At 9:30am I loaded the kids up in the double jogging stroller and we went on a hike around the town.


When we got back home we played and played and played and played in the back yard until lunch time.

After lunch the kids played FIRE FIGHTERS while I cleaned up after lunch and mopped the kitchen.

Then nap time came around...

I was toooooooo tired to shower so I took a nap with the kids.

After the nap we watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition on the computer about a solider at Fort Hood that had gotten shot during the madness there. Both Paul and I cry every time we watch that show.  

I decided after nap to make a quick yarn pickup at the store.  
Like usual, that turned into a melt down with Anna because she kept trying to take yarn and run out the door while screaming "I want the pick yarn, MAKE ME A PINK BLANKET."

Then the kids BEGGED to go to the book store but it took FOR EVER and several screams to get them out of the book store.


Then we had to go back into the book store because Paul left his toy.

"dear Lord please let us find that toy. Thank you!"


start ALL over again with the kicking and screaming to get the kids out of the book store.

I used to LOVE book stores but after the kids I have learned to AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.

Then I made dinner, fed the kids, cleaned up after dinner, bathed Anna, put Anna to bed, bathed Paul, put paul to bed and now I am.......


However, with all of that said........ we had a GREAT day.

Lots of smiles, hugs and kisses. 
I even managed to get the kitchen mopped and exercise (the MAJOR walk we did this morning)

I also found a GREAT game. I stood on the deck hitting tennis balls with my tennis racket into the back yard and the kids ran to get the balls.

FREE Entertainment!

not bad jessica! not bad!

Anna:"I love you momma! Merry Christmas!"
me: "Anna it isn't christmas."
Anna: "will Santa came by to bring us presents before he goes to get baby jesus?"
Me:"WHAT?  no no no let me explain...."
Anna "momma will santa drive his sleigh or will he be riding his old junk car?"

I have NO CLUE where she gets this stuff but it cracks me up

Paul- "what does the word extremely mean?"
paul - "well, I EXTREMELY want a remote control boat"

hmmmmmm I really should shower before bed but just the thought of standing in a shower makes me even more tired than I already am. 

but then again, you can't beat that nice clean JUST OUT OF THE SHOWER feeling that I have been missing ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. :)

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