Monday, January 31, 2011

A Very Proud Mother

This morning around 10am I all of a sudden got VERY sick. 

Actually  it was 10:10am and I know that because I was in the middle of sipping some tea and writing in my journal. 

I had just finished writting the first line when the wave of nausea hit me.   

I ran to the bathroom.

You know that sick feeling that you get when you just start praying for death?
I had that sick feeling for 2 whole hours.

2 hours

It was horrible.

The main thing that was running through my mind was "how am I going to take care of the kids when I am this sick?"

Roger left this morning before the kids got up and he won't be back until past 10pm.

I was on my own.

As I was hugging the toilet, praying that I wouldn't pass out (I was feeling VERY faint) Anna, my little two year old Anna, walked up to me, started rubbing my cheek "Anna is here. Anna is here. Are you sick? Do you need to go to the doctor?"

I said "Oh Anna I am so sick.  I am just so so sick. Can you take care of me?"

I got up, walked into the room.  
Anna followed me.
As I was getting into the bed she came running up with the heat pad "thank you Anna."  
Then she crawled into bed with me and began rubbing my hair "it will be ok mommy. God will take care of you." 
She then held her little hands together and started to pray "Dear Lord make my mommy feel all better AMEN."

 I am so proud to have two wonderful children. I mean, seriously, that was super sweet what Anna did for me today. She comforted me in a time of need. She let me know that she was there with me, that she wasn't going to leave me and then she prayed for me. 

I felt as if I had my own personal chaplain!

Paul was wonderful too. He kept an eye on his sister and entertained her all day.

They both were absolutely incredible. 

All day.... ALL DAY.... they played together in the living room and in Anna's room.


They even "read" books to each other!

I kept thinking "it is happening. It is finally happening. All the hard work I have put into teaching them how to care for one another, how to pray for one another, how to put others before themselves, is finally clicking in their little heads!"

Tonight after their baths I let them watch a few shows.  Paul announced "let's watch Dora first because Anna loves that show and I want to let her watch what she wants to watch first!"

Oh my gosh!  What a kind, considerate little person my Paul Calvin has become!

I love this little family that is forming before my eyes!

I am one very proud mother!

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  1. What an awesome story of your sweet children! It makes me so excited to see how Kaylee and our future children will be as they are growing up. I love all of your stories on Anna and Paul, even the crazy ones :-)