Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I heard this song this morning and it moved me to tears.

Anna noticed I was crying, ran up to me, started patting my back "mommy it'll be ok!" then got me a tissue.

Little did she know that I was crying about almost losing her when I was pregnant.

recap: 6 months into my pregnancy  I woke up in a puddle of blood. My placenta had abrupted.  After weeks on bed rest i was sent in for an emergency c-section. At which point I was told I should not have any more children.

I've just been through a LOT of stuff these past couple of years and haven't had time to process it all because life just continues even though you are caught in the moment.  Losing my pawpaw, almost losing a baby, being told that I can no longer have children, getting a new pacemaker, being unable to sell our first home and getting those horrible inflamed appendix taken out in the middle of it all has left me feeling....... heavy in the heart.  

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