Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow DAy

The last couple of blogs I have written in a kinda bad mood so now that I have stuffed myself full with homemade brownies, I thought I would type out a happy mood blog while I still have the sugar rush.

Today was pretty good. Paul's preschool was canceled so he was super excited "honey, you only go for 2 1/2 hours a day. I'm sad that it was canceled"  

The kids started getting on each others nerves around 10am so I decided to do bath time early. While Anna played in the bath with her dinosaurs, Paul played in the living room with his fire trucks. Yep, our living room has been made into a fire station. 

Who got Paul the REALLY loud fire truck for christmas? 
I am going to have to ask that you mail me some more Tylenol.
That thing is SUPER loud and he LOVES pushing the same button over and over and over again.
I can not form a thought when he is playing with that thing. All I can do is sit and stare into space.

I got anna out of the bath, dressed and sent her into the living room "Paul mommy says it is your turn to take a bath."

Paul boy always has the most interesting things to say while I wash his hair "oh yeah, this is so relaxing. I love getting my hair washed.  oh this feels so good! the water is so warm.  mmmmmm that shampoo smells sooooo good."
It cracks me up.

I especially love when he looks up, with a big smile on his face, as I am rinsing his hair, and says "you are the BEST mom in the world."

That is our thing now..... he says I am the best mom in the world and I respond with "you are the BEST son in the world."

After the baths I got lunch ready "mmmmmm MOMMY this is delicious!'  

I love that I have worked hard to teach my children good manners because they are, most of the time, praising me and giving me thanks.  I LOVE THAT and soooooo need it sometimes. :) 

As we were eating lunch I announced "who wants to play in the snow?"  At which point we went out to make two small little snowmen with stick arms, cranberry eyes and carrot noses. 

Anna thought is was SUPER hilarious to throw snow at me. She LOVED when I was over dramatic when a snow ball hit me "AAAHHHHH you got me, you got me"  as I fell back into the snow.

After their naps (and mine) I said "hey do you want to make brownies for our craft today?"  We all did a little brownie dance through the kitchen!!!   Paul was in charge of stirring and Anna did a GREAT job holding the salt! We made the book club brownie recipe from the Joy of Cooking. 

 "Mom you are really messy when you cook. you are getting stuff all over the place." -paul

We turned the oven light on and watched the brownies cook.  They both thought that was the most AWESOME thing in the world to watch them rise and bubble. 

I thought it was awesome that they thought it was awesome because I got to sit, in quiet house for a whole 25 min! 

When Roger got home I went for my 45 min stress relieving power walk. It was a bit interesting because there is ice and snow all over the side walks. I opted to walk on the side of the road, jumping into the snow when I car came by, instead of the sidewalk. "man alive I need a gym membership or to buy a tread mill.  This is nuts"

we had tacos for dinner, the kids ate REALLY well and then our brownies for dessert.  I totally had WAY TOO many brownies but whatever.  I felt I needed some after the tension I have been feeling :)

Now the kids are watching frosty the snow man in honor of their two little snow men outside "did they melt mom? I think our snow men are gone?"   "No, Anna, it is just dark and your little eyes can't see that far into the yard. They are right over there."   

Ps: our newspaper is somewhere under the snow. I guess I'll send Paul out on an adventure to find it!!!!

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