Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Link

One of my cousins sent this link to me yesterday.  I REALLY needed it!   Yesterday was one of those days where I kinda felt like shouting out "leave me alone".  I love my job as mom, but sometimes I need a little bit of a break and sometimes I just don't get that break that I so need.  Just to be able to sit alone for 30 min without someone yelling "MOMMY I NEED YOU" or "hey, what are you looking at?" They follow me around all day long, going in and out of every room "hey look at this...... did I tell you this?"      

I get the whole blessing of being a mom and how I am going to look back one day and miss all of this..... that is why I am a stay-at-home mother. That is why I have dropped out of seminary until the kids get a bit older.  That is why I spend hours playing little kid games, hours of taking mini adventures around town and just about every evening watching Dora the Explorer snuggled in a blanker with two  little people who like to slobber on me.  

So I can enjoy this time as much as possible. 

 I get it.  

I get that in a blink of an eye all of this could be gone.... I think about death WAY TOO MUCH because, well, when you have a congenital  heart defect and a pacemaker you think about death a LOT and take every day as a mini miracle.  

In fact, it is a miracle that I even have children and a miracle that I have enough energy to care for them. I used to not be able to walk up the stairs before running out of breath.  I was purple ALL OVER...ALL OF THE TIME because I wasn't getting enough oxygen.

however, there are moments in my day that I need to vent a little frustration.  I tend to think that is pretty normal and pretty healthy. Keeping things inside eats away at you.  

Or should just only talk about the JOY of parenthood and let those who have hard days with their kids feel as if they are inferior to me? "Look at me. I am joyful all the time. Even when my children are driving me completely nuts. I just take an aspirin and continue on!" 

I can't do that.

I am too honest.

Sometimes I want to be selfish and announce "can I not just have like a second to brush my teeth?  seriously?  just like a second?"

In fact, I haven't even brushed my teeth this morning.


I know

I'm taking my teeth brushing time to type this.

 I can only still away so many seconds.

That is why I loved the link that my cousin sent me.  Take a little time to read it.  It really is such an up lifting thing to read on a gloomy, over worked, winter day. 

Well, I better get back to work. Anna is taking a bath and Paul is playing very loudly in the living room with his fire truck.  I know this moment of "silence" wont last forever.

ps: It cracks me up to see Anna (2 years old) dancing to this song! she loves it


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